Fantasy, Paranormal, Review, YA

WitchBlood (WitchBlood #1) by Emma Mills

Published: January 8th 2012 by Emma Mills My Rating: 4/5 Fast paced, Paranormal, Vampires, and witches? I love it. Blurb- Jessica, 17 old, happy in life with boyfriend Luke and best friend Alex. Happy life turns to tragedy when she was looted in dark alley and left to die. Daniel, handsome dashing vampire gives her… Continue reading WitchBlood (WitchBlood #1) by Emma Mills

Fiction, Review, Thriller

The Mask of Sanity by Jacob M. Appel

Published: March 31st 2017 by The Permament Press My rating: 4.5/5 Blurb- When you find out, after years of marriage, your wife is cheating on you, what you will do? Normal sane person will argue with wife or file divorce? Well, here the person is psychopath. Dr. Balint, successful cardiologist, a good son, and father… Continue reading The Mask of Sanity by Jacob M. Appel

Fairy Tale Retellings, Fantasy, Review, YA

The Crystal Casket (Cursed Fairy Tale Book 2) by Sarah Morse Adams

Published: April 4th 2017 My rating: 4.25/5 stars Mirror, mirror… Steady-paced and affecting... Loved this retelling of Snow White. Okay, I’m not trying to write a line, that’s just how I felt about book. Blurb (in my words)– The Crystal Casket is second book in series ‘Cursed Fairy Tale’. It is standalone book and can… Continue reading The Crystal Casket (Cursed Fairy Tale Book 2) by Sarah Morse Adams

Fantasy, Mythology, Review, YA

Carla by Kristal McKerrington

My rating: 3.5/5 stars I am glad I got opportunity to read this story. It’s good and interesting. Blurb (in my words)- “Carla” is about Vikings, Norse gods and the other immortals. The story revolve around main character of the book, Carla, 16 yr old, living normal mortal life in Shetland Islands. She is troubled… Continue reading Carla by Kristal McKerrington

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Colorful Notions (The Roadtrippers 1.0) by Mohit Goyal

Published: 17th Nov 2016 by Srishti Publishers & Distributors My Rating: 4/5 stars I read this book few months ago. I thought as this is my first blog post, I should re-read the book. But when I started writing the review, I realized I don’t have to. The story is still fresh in my mind.… Continue reading Colorful Notions (The Roadtrippers 1.0) by Mohit Goyal