WitchBlood (WitchBlood #1) by Emma Mills


Published: January 8th 2012 by Emma Mills

My Rating: 4/5

Fast paced, Paranormal, Vampires, and witches? I love it.


Jessica, 17 old, happy in life with boyfriend Luke and best friend Alex. Happy life turns to tragedy when she was looted in dark alley and left to die. Daniel, handsome dashing vampire gives her a new life, turns her into vampire. But, she is no normal vampire. There’s more to it. She is struggling in her new life. It’s difficult for her to let go of human soul and her love for Luke. What happens next? Will she able to move on in new life and accept her vampire nature and her master Daniel? Will she able to forget Luke?

My view:

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The Mask of Sanity by Jacob M. Appel


Published: March 31st 2017 by The Permament Press

My rating: 4.5/5


When you find out, after years of marriage, your wife is cheating on you, what you will do? Normal sane person will argue with wife or file divorce? Well, here the person is psychopath. Dr. Balint, successful cardiologist, a good son, and father of two daughters. He is nice person and content in life. When he finds out his wife is having an affair with his colleague, he plans to murder his wife’s lover to save his marriage. And to cover it series of murders and turns to serial killer wearing ‘the mask of sanity’.

My view:

This book solely focus on the thought process of a psychopath. That was the best thing of the book. No nonsense details of affairs and no gross details of murders. To the point story about two face life of Balint and his point of views and justifications for murders.

This book was steady-pace and thrilling. I loved writing and story of the book, it’s brilliant. I liked witty lines in the book which were great relief during the constant tension of the book. No single character is likable, they are interesting but not likable. Though Balint’s character was unlikable (no one likes psychopath), he was weird yet amazing blend of a heartless, remorseless, brilliant killer and ethical cardiologist.

There is no mystery or suspense and still this book made me curious at every point- When he is going to kill his victim and how, what is going to happen in the end, whether he will end up in jail or not, will he ever stop killing!

Why 4.5 star – There could be so many twist in book. At some point I started thinking that Balint is wrong about his wife or Sugarman. May be I am so used to twists in plot. But there isn’t any and that’s why it looks more realistic rather than filmy. So, it’s both plus and minus point.

End of the book was suspenseful. Is author writing a sequel of the book? If so, I really want to read it.

Who should read? If you are interested in psychology thriller and want a change from typical looking psychopath, this book is for you.

*** Note: I received a review copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to author and publisher for providing me copy via LibraryThing. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

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The Crystal Casket (Cursed Fairy Tale Book 2) by Sarah Morse Adams

resized crystal-caske

Published: April 4th 2017

My rating: 4.25/5 stars

Mirror, mirror… Steady-paced and affecting… Loved this retelling of Snow White. Okay, I’m not trying to write a line, that’s just how I felt about book.

Blurb (in my words)

The Crystal Casket is second book in series ‘Cursed Fairy Tale’. It is standalone book and can be read in any order.

As everyone knows, once upon a time, there was beautiful princess named ‘Snow’, beautiful white as snow; an evil stepmother who locked her in the prison of castle. She ran away from castle when she discovered evil intention of stepmother and took shelter in the house of seven dwarfs. That’s it… here ends the similarity.

In this retelling, Snow is princess of Fae kingdom and she is possessed by an uncontrollable demon. She is locked in prison by her father and stepmother. Step mother is evil, of course, but living in a fancy of being hero of the kingdom, wants to save it from princess, and wants to kill her. Snow runs away from castle in hope of getting rid of her demon and queen with a wish to live. During her runaway she meets horseman and makes deal with him which is going to change everything. Will she able to get rid of her demon or find out a way to control it? What happens when her stepmother finds out her whereabouts? Is she going to survive from her demon and stepmother?

There’s also a poisonous comb, poisonous apple, a prince, and spirits. But everything in author’s style.

My view:

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Carla by Kristal McKerrington


My rating: 3.5/5 stars

I am glad I got opportunity to read this story. It’s good and interesting.

Blurb (in my words)

“Carla” is about Vikings, Norse gods and the other immortals. The story revolve around main character of the book, Carla, 16 yr old, living normal mortal life in Shetland Islands. She is troubled with her occasional dreams about Norse Gods and immortal warriors. Life is normal until she is forced to become immortal. Granted powers that are equal to Gods which can decide fates of the other immortals. Story is about surviving in the world of immortals and finding out the purpose for which she made immortal.

My view:

Talking about characters- Antagonist was really nice, full of surprises, and interesting. Carla’s trainers were amazing, I liked Daryl. Bond between Carla and Amy was nicely described, I liked their love for books and how they found solace in it. Carla was Okay! As she was warrior, I expected her character more strong. I felt she was not ready to face the situation, to trust her powers, and gaining control over it. Her struggle in surviving immortal world and her love for mortal life was very deeply described.

I feel, this book was serious, full of betrayal and survival. Dreams of Carla made story bit confusing in the beginning. There were lot of unrevealed secrets till the end of the book which kept me going. Legends in the book were interesting and satisfying in answering questions I had regarding story. I liked that part of the book most, but it took too long to reach there.

End was sad and unexpected. There are still more uncovered secrets for the next parts of the series and I am eagerly waiting for it. Overall, it’s a good read!!

Who should read it? Those who like to read Mythology fictions.

*** I received an advanced review copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to author Kristal McKerrington. ***

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Colorful Notions (The Roadtrippers 1.0) by Mohit Goyal


Published: 17th Nov 2016 by Srishti Publishers & Distributors

My Rating: 4/5 stars


I read this book few months ago. I thought as this is my first blog post, I should re-read the book. But when I started writing the review, I realized I don’t have to. The story is still fresh in my mind. I think that’s the sign of good book.

3 friends, 3 Months, 25 places across India, 10 thousand kilometers road trip! What do think about this adventurous journey? Amazing? Impossible? Crazy? Well, you can know only by reading the book.

Colorful Notions first book of the Roadtrippers series set in India, narrated by protagonist Ab. The story in Featuring 3 youngster- Abhay aka Ab, Sashank aka Shasha, and Unnati.

Ab- Rich, independent, planner of the trip, who wants have road tripping experience and film travel documentary with his BFF Shasha.

Shasha- Connoisseur of food, who is on this trip because of food.

Unnati- RJ, girlfriend of Shasha, who is on trip because she is the voice of Ab’s documentary film and wants to spend time with Shasha.

Journey starts from Delhi with their well-prepared itinerary and lots of adventures on the way – Safari in Corbett, dip in river Ganges, extreme temperature of Ladakh, fearful nights at Bhangarh Fort, heritage and beauty of Rajasthan, beach parties in Goa, and lot more. The story is about, how their journey is going to be, how it will affect their relations with each other, and what happens at the end of the journey.

I started liking this book right from the beginning. Intriguing characters, full of drama and action with unexpected turn of events. Dialogues were entertaining. I liked witty remarks of Ab, it was fun to read.

Not only the road and their trip was with ups and downs but also the life of characters. All characters were struggling in their life in their own ways at the start of the journey. During the journey they learn more about life, friendship, family, and love. I loved how characters developed throughout the book specially Ab. All emotions poured in words in this book felt real.

End of the book was nice. This book is easy read very smooth till the end.

Who should read it? Those who love road trips with little filmy drama.


*** Note: I won this book in Goodreads Giveaways, thanks to author and publisher. ***

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