WitchBlood (WitchBlood #1) by Emma Mills


Published: January 8th 2012 by Emma Mills

My Rating: 4/5

Fast paced, Paranormal, Vampires, and witches? I love it.


Jessica, 17 old, happy in life with boyfriend Luke and best friend Alex. Happy life turns to tragedy when she was looted in dark alley and left to die. Daniel, handsome dashing vampire gives her a new life, turns her into vampire. But, she is no normal vampire. There’s more to it. She is struggling in her new life. It’s difficult for her to let go of human soul and her love for Luke. What happens next? Will she able to move on in new life and accept her vampire nature and her master Daniel? Will she able to forget Luke?

My view:

I love paranormal books. I always find it fascinating. This book is combination of vampires and witches which makes this book different from other normal vampire romance. Story is thrilling with suspense and little romantic touch to it. It is “half love triangle”. Half because Luke is in the past (human) life of Jess and have very little role after she turn to vampire.

Talking about characters– I liked all characters except Luke. At some point, I started to feel something was off about him. I liked Daniel for his calm nature and his ability to handle situation patiently. Eva, though bossy, was instantly likable. Jess was constantly whiny in book but it was bearable. I started liking her when she was finally giving a chance to Daniel and coping with vampire inside her. I loved blossoming relationship of Jess and Daniel. I sped up reading because I wanted to know what happens to their relationship. Also, the suspense in the book about her witch power was intriguing.

Best part of the book, the little adventure in the last few chapters. That was fun reading and I was impressed by change in Jess. I am definitely going to read the rest of the series.

Overall, it’s interesting and trilling.

Who should read? Vampire lovers.

*** Note: Downloaded free copy from Smashwords.com ***

What do you think about the book and review? Share your thought below in comment-box, I won’t bite, I’m not vampire. 😉

Happy Reading!!


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