My Wolf and Me by India R. Adams

My wolf and me

Published: April 26th 2016 by India’s Productions

Read Date: June 2nd 2017

Stars: 4.5/5crop 4 and half_edited

My Wolf and Me — Child + pup →→ Teen + wolf →→ woman + Alpha ⇔ Love Forever. Got what I’m saying? No? Well, read blurb, my view, get book get idea. Here is the blurb and my view to help a little.

Blurb (in my words):

Marlena, a little girl living in fantasy of her own has to take care of little wolf pup and bound to keep his secret, whom she names Romy. Her parents, seeing the strong bond between Marlena and wolf, accept and love him like their own. As they grow, Marlena’s fantasy and reality collides, she witnesses her wolf turn to man- named Sebastian. Realization hits to protect her wolf even strongly, when she fall in love with Sebastian.

What happens with this young couple? Can Marlena keep the secret of Romy/ Sebastian from the world? What happen when they will meet a vengeful hunter?

My view:

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