Renascence by Leigh Goodison

Renascence front cover-350x400

Expected publication: June 10th 2017 by Sheffield Publications

Read Date: June 9th 2017

Stars: 4.5/5

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Blurb (in my words)

Year 2072. Earth’s natural resources are depleted. Last war in 2054, left the world’ population less than hundred thousand. It’s polluted, uninhabitable, and only 3 rotations left from complete destruction of planet and human kind. The only option is, to set out on space exploration, to the exoplanet that scientist has discovered – Planet A (Arianrhod), take the samples and return back, to test for future inhabitation.

6 scientist, 1 team leader set out for the mission.

On arriving to planet A, Zeta (protagonist) find out their team leader is double-crossing. On discovering his evil intentions, rest of the team member keep him as prisoner. In last days, on this planet, they face alien creature, team-mates captured by lost cosmonauts and find mission entangled in politics.

Who are this cosmonauts and what they will learn from them? How this mission will end? Will their visit to planet A be successful or was just a futile attempt? Continue reading

Einstein’s Beach House by Jacob M. Appel

Einstein beach house

Published: October 1st 2014 by Pressgang

Read Date: June 8th 2017

Stars: 5/5

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Honestly I can’t write review of this collection of stories in my regular style. So, only for this book I’m changing my style.

This is the collection of 8 short stories. About the human flaws and characteristics. Starting from sex offender to a sad hedgehog, dreamy musician ex-boyfriend, a tragic love story, killer father, Einstein’s Beach House, Fred the tortoise, and a mother seduced by father of imaginary girl.

Here is more about stories and my view–

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