Renascence by Leigh Goodison

Expected publication: June 10th 2017 by Sheffield Publications Read Date: June 9th 2017 Stars: 4.5/5 Blurb (in my words)- Year 2072. Earth’s natural resources are depleted. Last war in 2054, left the world’ population less than hundred thousand. It’s polluted, uninhabitable, and only 3 rotations left from complete destruction of planet and human kind. The … Continue reading Renascence by Leigh Goodison


Einstein’s Beach House by Jacob M. Appel

Published: October 1st 2014 by Pressgang Read Date: June 8th 2017 Stars: 5/5 Honestly I can’t write review of this collection of stories in my regular style. So, only for this book I’m changing my style. This is the collection of 8 short stories. About the human flaws and characteristics. Starting from sex offender to … Continue reading Einstein’s Beach House by Jacob M. Appel