Review Policy

Thank you for considering me to review your book. Please go through these points before you contact me.

Vacation Date I’ll write dates here whenever I plan to go on vacation during that time I won’t post anything.

  • I have received many books to review and it takes time to finish all those piles so, I’m currently Closed for any new request. I will update here when I’m going to re-open for new requests.
  • What I read, what are my favorite genres and least favorite genres are mentioned in ‘About‘ section. I’m open to almost all genres, the only thing is it should be interesting for me. I don’t read my least favorite genres.
  • Check Review Index, Categories, and my Review Style on my blog. If you like it, jump to next point. 🙂
  • In email for review request, please tell me in what format you can send me a book (paperback/e-copy). First preference- Paperback. If you can send me a Paperback that will be great but if can’t, e-copies will be fine. Also include Amazon and Goodreads link of your book.
  • Once I have received email, I will check blurb first. If I find your story interesting, I’ll check my calendar and will let you know by what time I can submit review and reply back within 2-3 days of time.

(Please Note that I’m getting lot of requests, I will work in FCFS order. No early reviews, fastest review policy.)

If you’re comfortable with the submission date, send me-

Book (if e-copy, PDF/.mobi)

Cover of book (in .jpg) to post it alongside review

Link to your website / other social media or Brief bio, if you don’t have website. (To let readers know more about you and how they can reach you)

I think I’m done here. 😉 Now you can contact me through contact form on my blog.

Where I post reviews-

My blog (of course!),



Social media- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

(I don’t have kobo/ B&N account, so I can’t post there.)

Note: I post short story reviews on Saturdays. 

Have a great time!

Happy reading!

— BT&R (Yesha)


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