Saturday Short Story Review: A Ranch Bordering the Salty River by Stephen Page

Saturday Short Story Review

Hello Everyone! It’s Saturday.. Hope you all have wonderful weekend. So, today I’m review a poetic short story- A Ranch Bordering the Salty River by Stephen Page.


Published: September 23rd 2016 by Finishing Line Press

Read Date: August 12th 2017

Stars: 4/5

4 star_crop


This story is collection of in poetic verses about the life of Jonathan, a rancher. Continue reading

Saturday Short Story Review: Strungballs by Mike Russell

Saturday Short Story Review

Hello everyone! Today’s Saturday short story is very strange science-fiction story- Strungballs by Mike Russell.


Published: October 31st 2016 by StrangeBooks

Read Date: July 28th 2017

Stars: 2.5/5

2 n half_edited

Blurb (in my words)-

Strungballs Rule: Once a Strungballs is inserted it must never be removed.

Everyone in the city are like- talk Strungballs , hear Strungballs, think Strungballs and work Strungball. When 10-year-old Sydney receives his first Strungball after a cube of his flesh is removed from his body, his father explained him that it is for the good. Donating flesh is good which helps to make a ‘Sphere of Flesh’ and protects them. But curious Sydney, starts questioning everything and goes beyond all the rules and limits to discover the truth about the Strungballs.

What is Strungball? Will Sydney get his all answers?

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Goan Chase: Take Three Mysteries by Richa Sambhy Mediratta

Goan chase F

Published: October 5th 2016 by Notion Press, Inc.

Read Date: July 27th 2017

Stars: 4.5/5

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It is story of three best friends solving mystery.

Blurb (in my words)-

Three friends, Jai, Ayesha and Nirvaan, are spending their summer vacation in Goa, in Jai’s aunt’s 100 year old villa at private beach. During party at villa unexpected, fatal event occurs and that follows another event and puts everyone’s life in danger. And then they discover about the old curse on Jai’s family.

Is there really a curse or someone is making it up? Who the real demon? The trio is ready to fight against anything to save and support their family.

Will they able to solve this mystery?

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Saturday Short-Story Review: Dead over Heels by Theresa Braun

Saturday Short Story Review

Hello Everyone! Hope you guys are enjoying Saturday. Today’s Saturday Short story is, Dead over Heels by Theresa Braun.

Dead over heels

Published: November 16th 2016 by Frith Books

Read Date: July 12th 2017

Stars: 5/5

5 star_crop

Blurb (in my words)-

Veronica meets Sebastian via online dating. They decides to finally go for real date and meets at the haunted restaurant, The River House. Veronica has fascination for the paranormal things but Sebastian go along just to impress her. Veronica feels connection between them on very first date. They actually experience weird thing there. On celebration of one month anniversary they visit the same restaurant but this time they are really haunted by the ghost. Ghosts that have connection with both of them that will turn their just started romance to real scary. What will happen with them at the end?

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Rain (A Stranger in the Woods #1) by India R. Adams

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Published: June 28th 2016 by India’s Productions

Read Date: July 2nd 2017

Stars: 5/5

5 star_crop

Rain is paranormal romance, first book of ‘A Stranger in the Woods’ series.

Blurb (in my words)-

19-yr-old Rose is  living in a small town that is plagued by illness. Death is common in every house. It has not spared Rose’s house too. It has taken her father and mother is fighting. She has to take care of her younger siblings. Gunner, her best friend is only supporter and comfort for her. A stranger has an eye on this little family without their knowledge. 20th birthday changes her whole life. Rose closes the distance with her best friend. She meets this stranger in woods, and she finds her other part of soul in him. No one known about this stranger, no one believes Rose anymore, she doesn’t know how to find him. This Stranger is a magical being. His name is Ryder.

Why Ryder came in Rose’s life? What happens when she learns the truth about Ryder? What will happen of her relationship with Gunner?

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