#BookReview : Fire and the Falcon (Starchild #4) by Vacen Taylor @VacenTaylor

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Fire and the Falcon (Starchild #4) by Vacen Taylor
Publication Date: June 13th 2019
Publisher: Odyssey Books
Genre: Middle grade / Fantasy
Pages: 136
Stars: ★★★★★

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With a treacherous ice journey behind them and Long’s health restored by the Healing Stone, Mai, Akra and Kalin must now find the falcon guard called Tupuck in the fireruler’s city of Calor.

It’s not long before they discover the city is ruled by a ruthless governor who has captured the falcon guard and the daughter of Ignis. The four children become soldiers in a rebellion and aid in a plan to free the falcon guard and Ignis’s daughter. All the while the dark force of Piceptus continues to gather strength.

As the children fight in the rebellion, Piceptus increases his position and readies himself to receive an even greater army. Will the information the falcon guard holds help to bring the children closer to fulfilling the prophecy and stop Piceptus from conquering all of the nations?

*** Note: I received this book from the author as a winner of giveaway. ***

Previous book I read in series:

Fire and Falcon was most adventurous in this fantasy series that took children to land of fire where they found many answers.  It was about evils of magic, slavery, fight for justice and freedom, bravery and friendship.

Writing was again fantastic. What I like most about writing is, author don’t waste time in repeating what happened in previous books or re-explaining world and powers or lengthy descriptions. Characters, world, plot and action was vividly described that was easy to imagine even for kids. If I forgot to mention before, this series would make a great animation movie.

It started with children arriving to Land of Bonfar, near Calor, one of the city of firerulers in search of Falcon guard. But as soon as they enter the city and try to find a friend, Ignis, they met on their journey in first book, they got involved in conspiracy and found themselves in dungeon. It turned out Ignis was a leader of rebels against the governor who slaved firerulers to work in mines and forbidden them from using their skills. Children didn’t want to be part of this war against governor until Long was once again lost to them, captured by governor. Governor had powers they didn’t imagine. Moreover, Amual was also on their trail trying to capture Akra and King of Fire, Piceptus, was raising his army.

How they will fight such powerful man and save Long? Will they find falcon guard and get the information that is so important to Akra from the very beginning of this journey?

Mai was stronger now, could use advanced thoughtbanking and soon she could master her skills. Kalin also developed in his skills and views. The relation between these two was turning from friendship to special. He was troubled in this book and I admired him for his decision. Long was different after being saved and healed by healing stone. He was now strong and brave. He understood his skills more and appreciated Mai’s love and efforts. He was more cautious and strong willed this time. All characters played wonderful part. Akra was hero. He never seize to amaze me. In each book he mastered a new skill and helped other characters and nations.

World was great. This time along with characters I got to know more about fireruler’s city and their steam inventions. They also used rifles which was called ‘refell’ here. This hot and dry nation was different from other nation. It was advanced in machineries, costly, people were diverse.

Many things happened in this book that made story exciting. Akra found his answers, he found the real use of Silvershade and its importance in prophecy. Oh and there were some surprising revelations in the middle and end of the book.

Climax was exciting. I guessed it differently. It was tense, action packed and well written. End was sad.  Once again children have to continue their journey with heavy heart. I could imagine lot of action in next book as now only one line of prophecy is remained to be fulfilled. Whether children will stop Piceptus from conquering world or not will be answered in the next book which is yet to release.

Overall, it was fantastic middle grade fantasy filled with action, adventure and lot of magic. I recommend you catch up with this fantastic series before final book is released.

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#BookBlitz : Last to Love by Alexa Whitewolf @alexa_whitewolf @RRBookTours1 #BookBlitz #BookRelease #Werewolves #ParanormalRomance #RRBookTours

Hello Readers! Today we’re celebrating the upcoming release of Last to Love by Alexa Whitewolf and I’m happy to be part of the release blitz, organized by R&R Book Tours. Read on for an exclusive sneak peek, and a chance to win a signed copy of the book!

Last to Love (Moonlight Rogues #4)
Expected Publication Date: December 31st, 2019
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolves


He’s the last one standing… So they sent the best one to break him.


Love is for fools. I left all that wuss shit behind, and no fairy-like, smiling godmother will change my mind. I’ve got enough on my mind with a beta pushing my buttons and a town to keep safe. Never mind these urges inside me surfacing again, when I thought I’d buried them for good. ​

My wolves are falling in amore like bowling pins, and no amount of reasoning will make them stop. Now the third one’s gone over the moon, and they all expect me to be the last to love.​

Only, they’ve got another thing coming. ‘Cause the only way I’m falling in love? Is over my dead body.​


One more job, they said. One tiny thing I have to do, to bring the prodigal son back home in the warm arms of his beloved family. They said it would be easy. They gave me all the tools. But the minute I’m facing Lucas, I know all those plans have just failed. Burned, thrown out the window, type of failed. A​nd I fully expect he’ll throw me out on my ass. So why is it he’s suddenly more interested in getting me in bed, rather than exiled? And what happens when I fall for it, but it’s too late to stop the events I’ve set into motion? ​

*Book IV in a paranormal shifter series filled with werewolves of all kinds, feisty females who stand up to them, and enough suspense to make it interesting. Can be read as a standalone for the romance, but for a better experience it’s suggested you read the full series first.*

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/47222569-last-to-love?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=bBDd1q0DW9&rank=1



Damn it, but they could have warned me what to expect!

Luciano Conti is nothing like I pictured. He’s gorgeous, and fine as hell, sure. But he’s also cold, and unsettling. And in control. I didn’t miss the way his wolf responded, that flash of interest quickly squashed as soon as he realized who I am – nor did I miss the pack outside of here. Clearly, I’ve walked in the middle of a warzone.

The question is, how much more chaos can I cause before Luciano – or Lucas, as he calls himself now – throws me out of here? I bite my lower lip, noticing his gaze drop to it. My instructions were clear. Ruin the life he built here, and force him to come back home. If I do, I’d be free, and Alessandro Conti would ensure it.

Only problem is, as I’m standing opposite Luciano, it takes all my will to ignore the hum of electricity between us. I’ve always been the one in control – always. And yet his dark gaze does something to my insides that makes me feel almost…shy.

Basta! Don’t be a fool.

In an effort to distract myself, I look around. “You’ve done well for yourself, Luciano. Your parents will be proud.”

A noise escapes him, and I meet his unnerving gaze just in time to catch a glimpse of amusement. Then he schools his expression once more. I’ve known men who are good at that, but he makes it into an art. He is a piece of art.


“What was so funny?” He clearly doesn’t like my question. But it’s his words that unsettle me more.

“What’s funny, cara, is you keep mentioning parents as if I have two of them. My mother died years ago. Matter of fact, she committed suicide after my brother died in a failed deal – all thanks to my father. But surely Alessandro Conti told you all this, before sending you into the wolf’s den?”

His grin is nothing short of predatory. And that dangerous glint in his onyx eyes causes a low tremor to start in me.

Merda! I’ve been had, that’s for sure. Only question is, how the heck do I get out of this now?

Purchase Links:

Last to Love:

Moonlight Rogue Series: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P936CR6/?ie=UTF8&%2AVersion%2A=1&%2Aentries%2A=0

Author Bio:

Alexa Whitewolf is a fiction writer, newspaper columnist of daily issues and author of the critically acclaimed Moonlight Rogues shifter series.

Alexa has been a lifelong writer and first began creating other worlds and characters at the ripe age of 12. Growing up in the Transylvania region surrounded by epic mountains and a never ending stream of legends and stories was bound to create an overactive imagination. This shines through Ms. Whitewolf’s writing by creating worlds filled with unique folklore, life wisdom and plenty of furry creatures.

An avid traveler, Alexa writes under a penname and spends her days between an office job and writing, in Canada’s capital when she’s not flying somewhere with lush landscapes and plenty of hiking trails.

Her series focus on strong heroines, kind yet sexy men, fights of good and evil and the never-ending learning curve of humanity’s strong – and weak – points. Romanian folklore is intertwined with her writing, more notably in her shifter romance series, the Moonlight Rogues. Her other series draw on world mythology, such as the Avalon myth and Arthurian legend (the Avalon Chronicles) and Ancient Egypt (The Sage’s Legacy).

You can follow her blog at http://www.alexawhitewolf.com/blog or on social media. Her column in Observatorul also tackles various issues, including health, technology, and a writer’s life.

If you want up to date releases, make sure you sign up for her newsletter www.alexawhitewolf.com/contact

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#BookReview : The Healing Stone (Starchild #3) by Vacen Taylor @VacenTaylor


The Healing Stone (Starchild #3) by Vacen Taylor
Publication Date: April 10th 2015
Publisher: Odyssey Books
Genre: Middle Grade / Fantasy
Pages: 176
Stars: ★★★★★

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After finding the Silvershade and escaping the attacking forces as the Wilder Forest city was scorched to the ground, Mai, Akra and Kalin must now face the evil that has consumed Long.

When they reach the land of Cruscar and enter the ice city of Algus, the children are confronted with an ice challenge to win an audience with Queen Isolda. A treacherous journey now awaits them if they are to reach the Healing Stone to save Long.

But Piceptus, the underworld king, will not give up his search and he will do anything to bring the pilgrims’ journey to an end. The children grow stronger as they begin to master their powers, but will this be enough to escape this danger and continue on their pilgrimage to fulfil the prophecy?

*** Note: I received this book from the author as a winner of giveaway. ***

Previous book I read in series:

The Healing Stone was a thrilling third installment in Starchild series and was much better than previous books. This follows Akra, Mai and Kalin’s journey towards Algus, City of Ice and their adventure in this cold nation. It was about friendship, situation testing their skill and patience, hope and faith in prophecy.

The writing was gripping, vivid and flawless. Author depicted characters, their journey through the sea and the city of Ice wonderfully.

It started with Long’s worsening health and their arrival to the first iceberg, the boundary of Algus where they met Queen’s soldiers who as per their law asked to participate in challenge. If they won the challenge, they could meet the queen and ask her help in healing Long. Now that was rude to greet visitors but it was an interesting challenge. Until now I saw Akra’s basic healing skill but in this challenge I could see more of his waterclasper’s skills which were more than just basic. Queen of Ice, Isolda, was as cold as her city and weather but her son, Aque, was kind, gentle and charming. I was curious to see how they were going to win the challenge and convince the queen in helping them and how they were going to heal Long.

The characters, plot and world was getting better in this book. The world was interesting. Along with the Algus, people of ice and their way of living, rules and laws, creatures of ice and dangers in the icy Mountains, there was interesting legend about the healing stone and how the world of elemental magic developed and 8 nations were created each possessing one elemental skill, how prophecy came into existence and why people believed in it. There was more story about the starchild but it was yet to be revealed. I’m sure upcoming books will tell more about him. There was also growing army of King of fire, Piceptus. He had his plans, his siblings and powers were evil.

Each chapters were exciting to read, revealed more about the world and characters. Their journey from city to icy mountains where lay the healing stone was filled with adventure and danger. We finally meet the soundwaver who helped children in previous book and get to know why he helped them. The way prophecy was unfolding, fulfilling the each line and binding characters with it, was clever and fascinating.

Mai was much more patient and strong than I expected. If I was in her situation, I’m sure I would have left my patience behind a book earlier. Her trust in Akra, Kalin and new friends Aque and Fojan was great. I could empathize with her and all the children. Their courage was admirable. Fojan was strong soundwaver. I liked how he grew to like each of them. Aque was fun. He was the last healer of Algus and successor of throne. Unlike his mother, he believed in prophecy and these children. Banter between him and Fojan was entertaining. They all grew strong by the end of the book.

Climax was tense. At first I was not sure but then I could figure who would be left behind and will be taken by Piceptus by this point. End was tragic and sad.

Overall, it was gripping, fun, dangerous and adventurous journey of four kids in the world of elemental magic and prophecy that played important part. I recommend this book to all middle grade lovers.

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#bookblitz : In The Heart of Windy Pines by Holly Tierney-Bedord @rararesources @HollyTierney

Hello readers! I’m pleased to be part of the book blitz for In the Heart of Windy Pines by Holly Tierney-Bedord, organized by Rachel’s Random Resources. Please check out the book details and giveaway in this post.

In the Heart of Windy Pines by Holly Tierney-Bedford
Publication Date: November, 24, 2019
Genre: Cozy Mystery + Light Romance
Standalone Novella


From the author of Kindle Unlimited All-Star winner Sweet Hollow Women comes a new novella featuring characters from Murder at Mistletoe Manor, Carnage at the Christmas Party, and The Port Elspeth Jewelry Making Club!

Klarinda Snow is the innkeeper of Mistletoe Manor in beautiful, remote, Windy Pines, Idaho, where she brings her unique brand of hospitality to the tiny mountain town.

When she finds her inn unexpectedly fully booked on a snowy Tuesday night in November, it brings back memories of a tragedy years before. Before she knows what hit her, she and her trusty team of employees (Myrtle, Pierre, and her new night manager, Josephine), have found themselves back at the task of solving another mystery at Mistletoe Manor!

While this book can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novella, if you plan to read the books in the Windy Pines Mystery series or The Port Elspeth Jewelry Making Club, it’s highly recommended you read those first, as this book contains spoilers that could affect your ability to enjoy them.

Purchase Links:

Author Bio:

Holly Tierney-Bedord lives in Madison, Wisconsin. She’s the author of over twenty books including The Woman America Loves a Latte, The Port Elspeth Jewelry Making Club, and Kindle Unlimited All-Star winner Sweet Hollow Women.
For more information or to subscribe to Holly’s newsletter, visit www.hollytierneybedord.com.

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#BookReview : Love to Prove You Wrong (Old Pine Cove, #2) by Sophie-Leigh Robbins

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Love to Prove You Wrong (Old Pine Cove, #2) by Sophie-Leigh Robbins
Publication Date: November 4th 2019
Publisher: Got It Covered Press
Genre:Chick Lit / Romance
Pages: 263
Stars: ★★★★★

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nameartmaker-20180920_094846.png

Hating the guy who ruined her confidence would be a lot easier if he wasn’t so freaking sexy.

For Addy, small-town life is just perfect. She’s about to expand her inn with ten new rooms and a petting zoo, and she’s helping the mayor’s son organize his wedding. If only her pet duck would stop escaping all the time, her days would be an absolute breeze.

But then Justin Miller shows up at Addy’s check-in desk. The guy went from small-town stud to lead actor in a popular series, and he’s behaving exactly like the celebrity he is. Smug grins, dimples to die for, and hordes of women chasing him all over town.

Addy has no intention of letting him in her life again—not after what happened in high school. So what if he keeps trying to prove he’s changed? No amount of helicopter rides and intimate outings will change the truth:

Justin Miller is nothing but trouble.

Love to Prove You Wrong is a sweet romantic comedy and the second book in the Old Pine Cove series. All books share the same setting, but each story features a different couple.

*** Note: I received e-copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Many thanks to author. ***

Previous book I read in series:

Love to Prove You Wrong was lovely and cozy romcom, a dazzling love story of Addy. It was hate to love and character falling in love with celebrity arc. It was about second chance, denial of love and misjudgment.

Writing was addictive, entertaining and fast paced. I couldn’t stop reading until I finished the book. Setting was the same as first book and like first book, it was charming. Loved Old Pine Cove in spring and town activities in this season. The more I’m reading about this town and community the more I want to pack my things and move to this beautiful place. You can read this book as standalone but I would say read the first book. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Book started with Addy stressed under the upcoming wedding of Diane’s grandson at her inn and its organization. Diane’s famous tantrums and demands, escaping duck didn’t help with the stress and to make things worse Justin Miller returns the town and staying as a guest at her inn. The same Justin who made her high school life difficult and now he is famous Hollywood star. Addy knew he is trouble and exactly how he was in high school, a jerk. But when they had to work together for spring event, her feelings thawed eventually. But could she trust Justin and her rapidly changing feelings? Can she put her heart in line for a person who lowered her self-esteem and self-confidence in high school? Can a relationship is possible between a small town simple living girl and famous life of Hollywood star?

In last book I said I wish I could know Addy more and it came true here. Addy was sweetheart, professional and realistic. I could relate with her when it came to holding judgement because of bad experience. But unlike me she got a chance to change that judgement and I’m glad it proved wrong here.

Justin was amazing. At first I thought he was obnoxious rich and super famous Hollywood star. But I thawed pretty quickly than Addy. He was definitely irresistible. But I couldn’t figure out his actions in high school in half of the book and to be honest the reason was pretty lame. Who acts like that! But his confession was heartwarming and when she said why he came back and expressed his feelings, I was ready to swap places with Addy.

I enjoyed reading all characters and I was glad to meet old ones too.It was great to see both Justin and Addy’s feelings develop. They were perfect with each other. Their dates were awesome. Paparazzi, drama, and jealousy added spice in the story. Conversation and dialogues were great.  

I could figure out the end pretty early but not that climax. I loved how thing took turn at climax and the way they found solution to their problem. I loved the end, epilogue and everything in this book.

Overall, it was light, sweet and fun read with lovely characters and town. I highly recommend this book.

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