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Hello readers! It’s my stop during the blog tour for The City of Souls by Vacen Taylor, organized by Rachel’s Random Resources. Check out the book details and my review on this adventurous MG fantasy. Don’t forget to enter giveaway, the link is at the end of this post.

The City of Souls (Starchild #2) by Vacen Taylor
Publication Date: October 14th 2013
Publisher: Odyssey Books
Genre: Fantasy / Middle Grade
Pages: 160
Stars: ★★★★★

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A gripping forest adventure full of mystery, betrayal and courage.

When a new sealer boy joins the journey, Mai, Long, and Akra are confident their challenges have come to an end.  But as they embark on their journey once again, they find themselves having to escape from the clutches of dangerous enemies.

They travel to Naroan – the forest lands of the soulbankers, the regulators of life and death. Against the backdrop of rules and suspicion, the children are challenged with unravelling the mystery of the Silvershade, which has been calling to Akra from the moment he arrived in the forest city. But Long is tormented by his doubts – he must face a deadly power from the Underworld before it takes him into the darkness. 

Will the dark pebble take Long along a road of no return? Or will his friends find a way to help him?

*** Note: I received this book from the author as a winner of giveaway. Many thanks to author and Rachel for tour invite. ***

Previous book I read in series:

The City of Souls was adventurous second book in Starchild series that takes children- Akra, Mai, Long and Sahib- to the City of soulbankers, regulator of life and death and their adventure in this city of souls. It was about beginning of the war against evil forces, irresolute mind, self-doubt, manipulation, love of sister, friendship and understanding and controlling the elemental powers and skills.

It should be read in order to understand world, characters and how journey of these brave kids started. Writing was again vivid and engaging. Characters, elemental magic and the world was well written in third person voice.

It started from where the first book ended. Mai, Akra, Sahib and Long are back on their journey towards Valley of Thousand Thoughts but once again they faced danger from the very first chapter. Sandslavers, Melkarie- a deadly underworld winged creature- and unexpected help from soundwaver caused them to take different direction from their journey and landed them in Naroan, the city of souls, where Akra felt the pull of mystical song that they later found was coming from Silvershade. But Long was troubled with the wound on his ankle inflicted by powerful being of underworld, Amual, who has found his weak link and tried to manipulate his thoughts.

What was the Silvershade and why it was calling to Akra, how Long would fight the evil talks of Amual, could they find Silvershade and save Long from Amual’s dark plans? It was fun to get answers to these questions.

The world was brilliant. This time we are introduced to one of the city of soulbankers, their lush green forests, their characteristics, way of living, and how they use their elemental magic. I loved that chamber of souls and how they collect and preserve each souls until they were given new life.

This time the story focuses a little more on Long and Akra’s pull towards a magical mysterious sound in soulbanker’s city and mystery behind it. Long’s self-doubt, jealousy because of Sahib and desperation to prove his worth lead him to darker path. I didn’t expect him to cave in so easily. At the same time I could see how Mai”s ignorant behavior towards Long and taking things lightly when it came to his feelings affected Long. She cared for him but Long couldn’t see it as she didn’t express it outwardly.  I have a feeling their bond is going to turn strong and unbreakable in next books of the series.

Returning of Sahib’s memory and his real identity, the healer’s power and her true nature, upcoming war was interesting turn. Each chapter had adventure, tension, mystery or new information about the world with interesting details.

Mai and Sahib were amazing in this book. Mai’s trust and faith in her brother was great. She was shocked finding out what he was up to and after all that happened, I admired her for her unwavering love for Long. Sahib turned out even more interesting. Akra was still confused because of his broken memory but he showed lot of courage and strength in climax. They all were brave and strong kids with soul filled with good and kindness.

Climax was tense and uncertain. End was tragic yet the hope in these kids kept them going ahead on their journey.

Overall, it was gripping and unique middle grade book with magical world and developed characters. I surely recommend this book to young readers.

Book Links: Goodreads | Amazon US | Amaon UK | Publisher’s site
Affiliate Link: Book Depository

Author Bio:

Vacen Taylor is a children’s author with a portfolio of screenwriting and stage play achievements.  A selection of her poetry has been published in Art and Literature Journals. One of her plays was selected to be part of the Playwrights Program 2017 and then directed and performed as a performance reading at HOTA (previously the Gold Coast Arts Centre).

Her feature film script received a special commendation for Best Unproduced Screenplay titled Grandfathers at the British Independent Film Festival in 2018.  The logline can be found under Special Commendations for Unproduced Screenplays here.

Her TV pilot for a series (teleplay) was selected as a semi-finalist in the Hollywood Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition in Los Angeles, CA. This pilot was listed in the top 50 for the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition in 2018.

She presented the first mental health panel at OZ Comic-Con in 2017. This panel was a fantastic opportunity to discuss openly and honestly about artists and their mental health to help support wellbeing, foster connectivity and provide a culture of support.

In 2018 she presented the panel, ‘An artist’s guide to creative happiness: How to strengthen your creative performance’ at Oz Comic-Con in Brisbane. Her panels are extraordinary opportunities to explore ideas with people who are currently working in the industry. She aims to discuss subjects like individualism, the community, mental health, wellbeing, happiness, creativity, co-creating and self-awareness which often leads to interesting questions from the audience.

What else does she do? Vacen is also a creative workshop facilitator and proficient in, teaching, speaking and concept creation. Guest Speaker. Workshop Presenter. Creative Panel Facilitator. Mentor. Support Worker. Counsellor. Social Welfare Advocate.

Social Media Links –  Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

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#BookReview : The Age of Akra (Starchild #1) by Vacen Taylor


The Age of Akra (Starchild #1) by Vacen Taylor
Publication Date: March 8th 2013
Publisher: Odyssey Books
Genre : High Fantasy / Middle grade
Pages: 142
Stars: ★★★★★

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The foreshadowing of a dark future threatens the seven nations of Sahas. Mai is selected to train with the mysterious elemental master Sah Dohba, who will prepare her to become the protector of the desert lands. Her brother Long steps forward to travel with her as her chaperone to the Valley of a Thousand Thoughts.

A mysterious encounter brings them together with Akra, the Starchild. The trio travels on into a battle with the elements. Sandstorms. Deadly creatures. Starvation. Then a chance meeting with powerful earthfollower sets them on a new path where they must each find the strength to face a terrifying foe from the Underworld.

*** Note: I won this book in giveaways. ***

The Age of Akra was fantastic first book in the Starschild series. It was middle grade fantasy that revolved around Mai’s journey that turned into thrilling and dangerous adventure. It was about hope, friendship, bravery, and kindness.


There were 3 main characters- Mai, Long and Akra. Mai was 13-years-old brave and kind hearted girl who was chosen to go on arduous pilgrimage to train under master thoughtbanker. She was smart, talented thoughtbanker and was filled with courage, kindness and hope. She didn’t hesitate to take risk for others, even for those she hardly knew, to do right thing.

Long was 15 old, Mai’s elder brother and her chaperon on her journey. He was not as smart as Mai but he could morph into animal. He was timid but when the time came he showed courage and developed confidence by the end of the book. He made this tough journey and their dangerous adventure entertaining.

Akra was 10-year-old starchild, destined to save world when he can master all the elements. There was more to this kid. In the beginning he didn’t remember much about his life and purpose but he was smart, kind, wise and lovely. He was fascinating throughout the book and I’m curious to know more about him and his powers.

What I Liked-

This is my first book by author and I can tell she is great story teller. Writing was fabulous. Desert setting and the world of elemental magic was vividly described. I loved characters specially kids. They were smart and wise for their age.

It started with middle child Mai’s tests by ministers of 8 elemental magic and being selected to go on pilgrimage to the Velley of Thousand Thoughts where she would be trained and become part of the prophecy. When minister asked one person to chaperon Mai on this journey, one of her elder brother, Long, instantly volunteered. Both were bonded with each other more than with any other siblings but they hardly agreed on one thing. On their first day of the journey only, they started showing their polar thoughts that lead disagreements. On their way they encountered mysterious light. The prophecy that looked just stories till now turned into reality when they found a starchild, Akra.  Together they travelled through scorching desert, came across a wounded dying man, deadly creatures, and met some mysterious and powerful people that diverted them from their journey to the mountain of dark magic.

It was interesting, dark, and dangerous journey. I liked the chosen one and good vs evil arc in this book. Author turned this arc into extraordinary by including prophecy, elemental magic, giant serpent and spiders, dark magic, underworld monsters, and brave young characters.

What I loved most was world-building. I enjoyed reading about 8 elemental magic and seven nations, each nation was skilled in particular element, various powers of particular elemental magic, rift between nations, and how things were changing because of dark magic and rising of being from underworld.

There was adventure in every single chapter that kept me turning pages at jet speed. Twist and turns were clever. I couldn’t guess how they would save their new friend and fight dark magic. Climax was action packed and end was great. It was perfect story for the target audience. I can picture myself giving this book to my daughter after 6 years.

Overall, it was total fun, coming of age middle grade fantasy filled with action and magic. I highly recommend this to middle grade readers.

Book Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Affiliate Link: Book Depository

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What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book already? Have you read books featuring elemental magic? What is your element? I’m Ice and Water according to this test, check out yours HERE.


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#BookReview : Moon Deeds (Star Children Saga #1) by Palmer Pickering

Moon Deeds (Star Children Saga #1) by Palmer Pickering
Publication Date: March 7th 2019
Publisher: Mythology Press
Genre: Fantasy / Science-Fiction
Pages: 598
Stars: ★★★☆☆ (3.5)

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It’s 2090: the last outpost of freedom is the moon, the best defense against technology is magic, and the only hope for humankind rests in the hands of the Star Children.

Twins Cassidy and Torr must save Earth from a ruthless enemy at a time when the only force more powerful than alien technology is magic. Moon Deeds launches the siblings’ journey across the galaxy, where they must learn their power as the Star Children, claim their shamanic heritage, and battle dark forces that threaten humankind.

The Star Children Saga follows Cassidy and Torr as they slowly awaken to their destiny as the twin Star Children, born every millennium to reconnect with the source of all life. They come to discover the sheer enormity of their task: to find our ancestors on a lost planet across the galaxy and save humanity from a spiraling descent into darkness. The powers they must wield to accomplish this task are truly frightening and put at risk everything they love.

Come along with 20-year-old twins Cassidy and Torr, who inherited deeds to land parcels on the moon. They want to use their moon deeds to get off Earth and escape a brutal dictatorship. But first they must unlock their shaman powers.

A rollicking yet poignant adventure in the not too distant future, when we have colonized the moon and nearly lost Earth to a dictatorship. Only the shamans remain free, plus the lucky ones who escaped to the moon.

Join the adventure! An addictive space opera, science-fantasy series.

** Note: I received this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to Palmer Pickering. ***

Moon Deeds was an interesting space opera, sci-fi, set in 2090, a dystopian world that was taken over by alien-human mixed breeds called Tegs. The book was about trusting instincts and magical powers, hope, legends, and adventure.

What I liked-

The writing was great, descriptive and engaging. The Setting, world-building, and magic were the best part of the book. It was creative and impressively detailed. The atmosphere and life on the moon and alien technology were well researched and well written. There were many information and a little slow because of length of book all the descriptions on world and characters but it never felt boring.

Book had 2 parts- Earth and the moon narrated in third person mostly from Torr and Cassidy’s view and some portion in the second part was from Ridge’s POV.

First part, on Earth, started with preface telling how Cepheans arrived on Earth and slowly formed a colony with humans, how it caused WWIII, political unrest and eventually the leader of mixed-breeds, Tegea formed an alliance with power-hungry mercenary leader, Metolius calling it ‘Global alliance’.  Together they brought all nations under Global alliance by hook or crook. But some nations managed to stay free by creating a magical shield that kept Teg army out of this shield, cutting all communication from the rest of the world. England, Scotland, Ireland had Druid’s mist as a shield while Northern California had Shaman’s Shield formed by the Shaman sect living in mountains. But the Shaman’s shield was slowly retracting back to its origin, San Fransisco and San Diego were exposed to Tegs, making many flee their home or surrender to Tegs and become slaves in Teg camp. The Gia United rebels, who formed army to fight Tegs, surrendered without fight making Torr, who joined rebels 2 years ago, flee to home to save their parents and his sister Cassidy. Now this part was interesting but it was also very slow.

Torr, Cassidy and their parents were Shamans who left sect long time ago. Their only option was trying to get into Shield using their mother’s magic or going to the moon where Torr and Cassidy inherited land from their great-aunt Sophie. Both Torr and Cassidy were said to be Twin Star Children according to legends and their DNA birth certificate, destined to save the world. But their powers were dormant ever since they were 6 and as they grew up they believed in it less and less. However, they couldn’t ignore the pool of Star song, Cassidy’s miraculous vision that reawakened her belief and Torr’s unusual dreams that led them to choose later option, going to the moon. I was curious to know what will happen once they reach the moon, will they claim their lands and unlock their magical potential or find the star people who can save the Earth.

This portion was well described. It formed great beginning of the story and series. Along with the situation on Earth, it gave the background details on the main characters and their family. Their magical powers were fascinating. Both Cassidy and her mother were Plan spirit medicine experts. They could feel plants and their herbal characteristics, also could diagnose patients and medical conditions. Her father could understand birds and animals and Torr had most unusual powers. He could see facts and dangers in dreams which were close to reality. There was about Torr and Cassidy’s childhood, their visions, how their powers went dormant, why they left the Shaman sect, and how their life changed then on. I loved knowing bits about Shaman magic and how it works.

The second and biggest part of the book was set on the moon. It told about the hard life on the moon- dry, hot weather, endless gray land, dust that was harmful to the lungs, not enough water and food source, mining lords and other dangers. Not ideal habitation and not exactly what Torr and Cassidy expected. This part was more tense. There was a constant feeling something bad was going to happen, either with the land or withing the Peary dome they were staying. It started a bit hopeless but once they made friends and found third link who was going to open the door to the prophecy, it was looking a little better. But that didn’t last long.

Torr’s guilt and worries were palpable. He was struggling to cope with the two men he killed on the border. I liked him. He was brave, practical and realistic. I liked his ideas and concerns on moon. Cassidy was desperate to unlock the magic within her. She sounded naïve and selfish in the beginning but she learned to trust her instinct soon. Her powers were great, I can’t wait to see her master them and use them. I liked connection between twins and their bond with each other. There were many other diverse characters in the book. They all were well described that stayed with me till the end of the book. Some characters were likable, some  annoying, mysterious and lovely while some I hated.

Climax was tense and uncertain. I didn’t like where things were going and that end with cliffhanger wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, not really satisfactory but I’m curious to know what happens next.

Why 3.5 Stars-

Main issue-  I expected at least one conclusion from all the questions I had, that made me curious to read. At least that moon land part or find a clue to unlock their magic or go one step ahead in finding star people but nope, there were no answers in this story!

Second, I liked their adventure arriving on the moon. But there was no action. It was like they were skirting the danger or were just lucky in the first part but at least I expected action on the moon, when they found out about their land, or in the climax, but no!

And third, the end made me furious. When the actual action part came, I was jumping on the sit, yes yes, finally they will fight now, but then it ended! I tell you it was not how I imagined it. I just staring with an open mouth at that big cliff-hanger, dismayed and disappointed! I thought I would up stars to 4 anyway because overall I liked it, not bad even though there was no conclusion or action but that end made me down it to 3.

Look at the page number, it was so long and slow, but good thing world kept me reading and writing was interesting.

Overall, it was descriptive and interesting dystopian futuristic space opera with impressive world-building and setting. I hope there was action, some conclusion or development. I hope the next book gives me answers I was looking for and more action.

Book Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Affiliate Link: Book Depository

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What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book already? Are you going to add it to TBR? Which is your favorite space opera?


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#BookSpotlight #BookPromo : Vile by Keith Crawford @LoveBooksTours @keithcrawford77

Hello readers! I’m pleased to be part of one-day blog tour for Vile by Keith Crawford, organized by Love Books Group Tours. Please check out book details in this post.

Vile by Keith Crawford
Genre: epic fantasy


Elianor Paine is a Magistrate of the Peace in the Kingdom of Trist and a republican secret agent. She has 6 days to subvert her investigation, supplant war-hero Lord Vile, then coerce his adult children to start a revolution, before her masters discover the truth and have her killed. Just how far is she willing to go? And can she change the world without changing herself?

Buy Link https://amzn.to/2qNDyll

About Author:

Keith Crawford is a retired Navy Officer, a disabled veteran, a Doctor of Law & Economics, a
barrister, a stay-at-home Dad, and a writer. He has written for collections of scholarly works,
academic journals, and newspapers including The Economist. He has had more than thirty plays recorded or produced for stage, been listed in a variety of short story competitions (in spite of his hatred of short stories), and runs a radio production company, www.littlewonder.website, which regularly runs competitions promoted by the BBC to help find, develop and encourage new writers.

In 2014 he was lecturing at Sciences Po in Paris and negotiating a contract to write a book on
banking regulation, when he and his wife discovered to their delight that they were due to have their first child. Rather than writing more work that would only be read by his poor students, and then misquoted by politicians, he decided he would do his bit to stick his fingers up at the patriarchy and stay home to look after his own kids rather than the grown-up kids of rich people. Two more children swiftly followed. Keith has discovered that if you recite Stick Man backwards you get the lyrics to AD/DC’s Highway to Hell.

This (looking after the kids, not satanic rites with Stick Man) allowed him to support his wife’s career, which appears to be heading for the stratosphere, and also gave him the space to write about swordfights and explosions. And spaceships. All of which are more fun than banking regulation. As an extension to his work in radio production, he set up his own small press, and his first novel, Vile, is due to be published in December 2019. More novels will swiftly follow, like buses in countries that don’t privatise the bus companies.

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#BookBlitz : Veiled By Desire by Candace Robinson #Laith #VeiledByDesire @LiteraryDust @parliamentbooks @RRBookTours1 #BookBirthday #BookBlitz #Fantasy #BookRelease #RRBookTours

Congratulations to Candace Robinson on the release of this beauty! Veiled by Desire is the second installment of the Laith series and will be available on November 19th! Read on for an exclusive excerpt and a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card, AND a digital copy of book #1, Clouded by Envy!

Veiled by Desire: A Laith Novel
Publication Date: November 19, 2019
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: The Parliament House Press


In Laith, when the moons are high, Tavarra is allowed to walk the land as a human for one day, losing her seahorse-like tail. But should she remain out of the water, a curse will overtake her, turning her into a beast with sharp fangs and long claws. A beast that, on some nights, takes the shape of a rampaging, uncontrollable monster.

Rhona, along with her village, are under a sinister leader’s control. Their leader has taken Rhona from the boy she loves, stripped away her abilities and, under the threat of killing everyone she loves, forces her on a dangerous task to retrieve a dark prism that will increase his already massive powers.

When Tavarra and Rhona cross paths, they discover they need each other. Rhona knows how to help the cursed sea creature, while Tavarra knows where to find the dark prism. They embark on a mission that could help them break Tavarra’s spell and save Rhona’s family and village. But with an untamable beast inside Tavarra, nothing is certain..,

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41085174-veiled-by-desire?from_search=true


As Tavarra tried to leave the gravitational pull of the powerful ocean waves, each one crashed and pounded against her strong body. She swished through the murky sea, her tail flicking at the rough current as the liquid attempted to haul her back into its clutches.

            Tonight was a chance for her to escape the haunting depths she so desperately dreamed of leaving behind. Tavarra pushed her head out of the sea’s liquid claws, finally finding herself near the sandy shore. She took a deep breath through her mouth, no longer needing the gills etched on each side of her neck.

            Holding steady, she stared through the last rays of the waning day, searching for him. But the young man wasn’t anywhere in her line of sight yet. Keeping on top of the liquid swells, her gaze fixed on the caramel-colored sand. As her arms repeatedly cut through the vigorous surge, a hint of desperation filled her—she couldn’t get swallowed back up. At last, her body struck the grainy granules, swept in blackness.

She sighed in relief.

            With no time to spare, Tavarra dragged her exhausted body by her forearms across the sand. Each tiny grain rubbed against the delicate skin between her fingers and nails. She came to a halt and rolled herself to a sitting position, letting the edge of a cool wave caress the end of her tangerine tail. Bony plates fused together with a fleshy covering lined the tail’s body, and the tip came to a curled point.

A heavy breath forced its way out and tugged harshly at her lungs. “Goodbye,” she whispered, half to herself and half to the ocean cage that, for seventeen years, had never been a true home. “Please let this happen.” Tavarra’s heart pounded rapidly, and had it beaten any harder, her sternum would have cracked.

            Bringing her sandy hands to her waist, she glided them down her moistened tawny skin until they met the vivid exoskeleton. The silver of the twin moons shone down in answer, as if telling her it would work. It must work.

            Tavarra had recently heard a tale of when the twin moons would rise, there would be a way for her sea dweller kind to truly walk the land of Laith. She desired it with everything in her. If this worked, she would never return to the watery home—her underwater grave.

            Slowly, she slid her thumb beneath the soft plates of her tail. To her surprise, the tail pushed away from her skin, as if it were never a part of her at all. She thought there would be pain, but there wasn’t, only a filmy residue left behind.

            Tavarra’s lips pulled up on each side, and she let out a rumbling, giddy laugh to the moons, to the ocean, and to herself. Tugging the tail a little more, she shimmied out from the exoskeleton and found smooth bare legs underneath—as she had hoped. The story had been right. If only she knew sooner that legs rested beneath the tail—then she could have been doing this every time the moons were at their fullest. A continuation of delighted laughter echoed from her as it bounced off the waves and into the darkened forest.

            She kicked these new-found creations, releasing the legs in their entirety from the confined appendage. To her it felt natural, more than surreal.

Purchase Links:

Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBooks

Clouded by Envy (Laith #1)

Brenik has always been envious of his twin sister, Bray. Growing up as fairy-like creatures, known as bats, everything came easier to Bray. While Brenik spent his time in her shadows, never feeling he was enough. After escaping their world of Laith, and living on Earth for ten years, Brenik attempts to strike a deal with the Stone of Desire to become human. Though true humanity is not an option, he will accept the curse that will alter him to get as close as he can.

Living in a tree trunk for the past year hasn’t been easy for Bray, more so after her brother disappears again. When a human boy and his brother, Wes, find her, a new friendship is struck. Through Wes, Bray learns there can be more to life than waiting within a tree. But worrying over where Brenik has vanished to always remains in the back of her mind.

When Bray reunites with Brenik, she realizes she must help him break the curse after she discovers the need for blood is beginning to overpower him. The curse not only damages those who get close to Brenik, but it could also destroy whatever is blooming between Bray and Wes.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/37654382-clouded-by-envy

About the Author:

Candace Robinson spends her days consumed by words and hoping to one day find her own DeLorean time machine. Her life consists of avoiding migraines, admiring Bonsai trees, watching classic movies, and living with her husband and daughter in Texas—where it can be forty degrees one day and eighty the next.

Author Links:

Website: https://authorcandacerobinson.wordpress.com/
Blog: https://literarydust.wordpress.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/literarydust
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/literarydust/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/literarydust
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16541001.Candace_Robinson


$10 Amazon Gift Card & Digital copy of Clouded by Envy (Book #1) North America Only

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