#AuthorInterview : Robert Crouch, author of No Mercy @robertcrouchuk #NoMercy

Hello Readers! I’m happy to welcome Robert Crouch, author of No Mercy, fifth in Kent Fisher Mysteries, for an interview on Books Teacup and Review. Check out more about the book and author in this post.

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No Mercy (Kent Fisher Mysteries #5) by Robert Crouch
Publication Date: January 16th 2020
Genre: Murder Mystery



Highways Inspector, Derek Forster, couldn’t go on after the death of his wife. Even though he had a secret lover, he took his own life. Or did he?

Samson Capote, the restaurateur from hell, brutally attacked and left to die in a deep freezer. Did he antagonise too many people? Was he sharing Forster’s secret lover?Millionaire entrepreneur, Clive Chesterton, falls from his yacht and drowns in Sovereign Harbour. Why did he have Forster’s missing journals in his cabin?

When Kent Fisher becomes a murder suspect, he realises he could be the next victim of a killer who shows no mercy.

Can Kent connect the deaths and solve the mystery before the killer gets to him?

About Author:

Robert Crouch writes the kind of books he loves to read. Books ranging from the classic whodunit by authors like Agatha Christie, the feisty private eye novels of Sue Grafton, thrillers by Dick Francis, and the modern crime fiction of Peter James and LJ Ross.

He created Kent Fisher as an ordinary person, drawn into solving murders. He’s an underdog battling superior forces and minds, seeking justice and fair play in a cruel world. These are the values and motivations that underpinned Robert’s long career as an environmental health officer.

He now writes full time from his home in East Sussex. When not writing, he’s often found walking on the South Downs with his West Highland white terrier, Harvey, enjoying the scenery and researching the settings for future Kent Fisher mysteries.


Can you tell readers a little about your book, No Mercy? What they can expect from the book?

My books are contemporary murder mysteries, featuring amateur sleuth, Kent Fisher. He’s an environmental health officer by trade, but finds himself drawn into murder investigations.

The stories feature a strong backstory based around his work, relationships and the animal sanctuary he also runs. The characters and events in the backstory often link to the murders and themes of each book and offer readers something in addition to a classic whodunit, such as a glimpse into the world of environmental health.

No Mercy is the fifth novel in the series where Kent has to connect three seemingly random deaths to identify a killer before he becomes a victim himself.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?

I hate injustice and unfairness and wanted to explore what could happen when someone felt the system had let them down. I also wanted to how a restaurateur from hell can abuse social media to give Kent nothing but grief.

No Mercy is fifth in Kent Fisher Mysteries Series. Can readers read it as standalone or should read in order? How do your plot and characters develops in the series?

Yes, it can be read as a standalone, but most readers want to get to know the characters and backstory, starting at the beginning with No Accident. Many of the comments readers and reviewers make concern the relationships and characters as much as solving the murders.

There are running issues in the backstory. Kent’s work as an environmental health officer happens during severe public spending cuts, which affect his ability to do the work he loves. The relationships between characters, especially Kent and Gemma continue to change, offering a romantic element to the stories. Then there is his animal sanctuary, family problems and the effects of solving some testing murders.

You get a flavour if this in No Mercy, but not the full picture.

What is the key theme and/or message in the book?

How far would you go if justice failed you? Would you kill?

What were the key challenges you faced when writing this book?

The challenge is invariably the same with all my books – keeping it fresh and credible, which isn’t easy when your main character isn’t a police officer or private detective.

I also want the events to be based on reality, especially as an environmental health officer wouldn’t normally investigate murders. That means accuracy, which is where research comes in. As an environmental health officer in real life, I’ve enforced the law, worked with the police and Coroner’s Officer, so I have a good idea how things work. But I’m always asking friends in the police for help.

I also don’t plan the books. I have a few notes on the subject area, what motivates the killer and the theme, but that’s all. It means I’m never sure if I have enough for a novel when I begin writing. I have only a vague idea where the story will go as it develops chapter by chapter. I simply throw in complications at the end of every chapter and see where they take me. More ideas come to me and sometimes the rest of the story, which forces me to stop and make notes.

Though scary, writing is much more exciting this way. After all, if I knew what was going to happen it wouldn’t be as exciting. I hope it shows in the stories

What type of characters do you love and hate to write? What is your favourite quality in protagonists? Does anyone in real life inspire you to write them?

All characters, whether good or bad, are interesting. Some characters present challenges as it’s easy to slip into cliché with police officers or managers who talk like training manuals. As in real life, where you get to know people slowly over time, my characters grow and develop as they become involved in the stories.

I love writing the female characters, especially those who might become a love interest for Kent. As in real life, he reacts differently to different people, so it’s fascinating to watch these characters in action.

I have lots of favourite qualities – like courage, empathy, sacrifice, selflessness and determination, but top of the list is fighting unfairness and injustice.

I create all my characters from scratch so they were entirely fictional. Of course, there are characteristics, phrases, tics and mannerisms I pinch from people I know and meet. If I want a particular characteristic or type, there may be someone who could act as a role model, but it’s much more fun and more satisfying to create my own people.

Tell us about your journey to publication.

How long have you got? It’s a long journey filled with rejection slips, self-doubt, frustration and unrealistic expectations.

My true journey to publication began when I realised I wanted to write crime fiction, thanks to Agatha Christie and in particular, Sue Grafton, who wrote the brilliant Alphabet series featuring PI Kinsey Millhone. I created Kent Fisher, found a way to draw him into a murder and wrote three novels. The first was okay, but the characters and relationships weren’t right. The next two became the foundations for No Accident and No Bodies. The stories lacked that certain something to tempt a publisher, but the plots were complex, intricate and unique.

When I gave up smoking in 2006, I had to stop writing. The two were so intrinsically linked and I had no intention of smoking again. Roll on about nine months, and the urge to write returned. Feeling rusty and unsure of myself, I started a humorous blog, based on my experiences as an environmental health manager. To disguise my identity, I wrote it as Kent Fisher and called the blog, Fisher’s Fables.

Five years and many blog posts later, I realised I’d found my author voice. I returned to my two novels and rewrote them in this new voice. I showed a couple of chapters to an author friend, who offered to introduce me to a publisher. The publisher liked the first chapter and offered me a contract. He went on to publish No Accident in June 2016.

While I bought back the rights and now publish the novels myself, I’m grateful for that first opportunity and the confidence boost it gave me.

What are your most favourite and least favourite thing about being an author?

Writing and editing the stories are my most favourite. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a pantser, who writes his stories chapter by chapter, never quite knowing how the story will develop. I love it when characters surprise me by not doing what I want or expect them to do. This takes me into uncharted territory. It makes the writing more exciting and dynamic and somehow it all works out in the end.

Editing polishes the rough stone. I love sharpening the prose, lifting the plot when it sags, making the story clearer. With each edit and revision, the word count drops and I can see and feel the story improving, which means it will be better for the reader.

My least favourite things are the covers and blurb. I tried to make life easy by keeping the same background for all the covers, changing only the title, strapline and what appears in the foreground. Yet when I write each book, I have no idea what to put on the cover – with the exception of No Bodies, which is my favourite cover.

Writing the blurb is difficult and frustrating. Once written, it never seems good enough. I often update the blurbs for my books. One day, I’ll work out the secret and enjoy the process.

Do you have any writing rituals?

No. I write morning, five days a week, slipping into the afternoons when I need to. I keep evenings and weekends free.

What is the next project you’re working on?

Book 6 in the Kent Fisher mystery series, is provisionally entitled, No Love Lost. As the title suggests, there’s bitterness and ill-feeling at its core, which leads to murder. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Ice cold. These words have been going around in my head and may well become the strapline.

It’s the most difficult and adventurous book I’ve attempted so far, which adds to the pressure. But I need to stretch myself, to try something different and improve as a writer. I also hope it keeps the series as fresh and interesting as possible.

Can you describe No Mercy in five words?

I struggled with the blurb, so five words feels almost impossible.

Injustice. Betrayal. Baffling. Unusual. Exciting.

And the last one, top 3 tips for aspiring authors.

Find your author voice – it’s what makes you and your work unique. It’s the way you write and express yourself naturally, so don’t fight it or be stifled by grammar or comparing your writing with that of other authors. Cherish your natural style and develop it with lots of practice. Without it, you will never produce your best work.

Read, read, read and keep reading. There are so many great authors and books out there. Let them become your friends and offer you insights and guidance.

Listen to your inner voice – it soon speaks out when something isn’t right, or when you’re pushing your characters into places they shouldn’t go. Trust that voice and become a better writer.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?

The best places are my website or my Amazon author page.

Website: https://robertcrouch.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robertcrouchauthor

Twitter: @robertcrouchuk

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B01HFPCYOM

Book Links: (Amazon)

No Mercy: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B083JHPLCJ

All books listed on my Amazon Author page

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Have you read this book or any in this series?
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#CoverReveal : Frozen Stiff Drink (Braxton Campus Mysteries #6) by James J. Cudney @jamescudney4 @Shalini_G26 @NextChapterPB #NextChapterPub

Hello Readers! I’m excited to share the cover of sixth cozy mystery in the Braxton Campus Mysteries series by James J. Cudney, Frozen Stiff Drink! The cover reveal is organized by Shalini @Digital Reads Blog Tours. Check out interesting synopsis and eye-catching cover of this book in this post.

Frozen Stiff Drink (Braxton Campus Mysteries #6) by James J. Cudney
Expected publication date: March 18th 2020
Publisher: Next Chapter
Genre: Cozy Mystery


A winter blizzard barrels toward Wharton County with a vengeance. Madam Zenya predicted the raging storm would change the course of Kellan’s life, but the famed seer never could’ve prepared him for all the collateral damage. Nana D disappears after visiting a patient at Willow Trees, leaving behind a trail of confusion. When the patient turns up dead, and second body is discovered beneath the snowbanks, Kellan must face his worst fears. What tragedy has befallen his beloved grandmother?

Kellan’s brother Hampton learns essential life lessons the hard way after his father-in-law accuses him of embezzlement. While trying to prove his innocence, Hampton digs himself a deeper hole that might lead to prison. Sheriff Montague wants to save him, but she receives the shock of her life as the past hurtles forward and complicates her future.

Between locating Nana D and solving the scandalous murder of another prominent Braxton citizen, Kellan and April’s worlds explode with more turmoil than they can handle. Too bad neither one of them knows what to do about the psychic’s latest premonition. The suspicious deaths happening around town aren’t ending anytime soon.

Now The Cover….






Oh, I love this one more than previous covers. 😍


Amazon Link Coming soon

Add to Goodreads

About the Author

James is my given name, but most folks call me Jay. I live in New York City, grew up on Long Island, and graduated from Moravian College. I spent fifteen years building a technology career in the retail, sports, media, and entertainment industries. I enjoyed my job, but a passion for books and stories had been missing for far too long. I’m a voracious reader in my favorite genres (thriller, suspense, contemporary, mystery, and historical fiction), as books transport me to a different world where I can immerse myself in so many fantastic cultures and places. I’m an avid genealogist who hopes to visit all the German, Scottish, Irish, and British villages my ancestors emigrated from in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Writing has been a part of my life as much as my heart, my mind, and my body. I decided to pursue my passion by dusting off the creativity inside my head and drafting outlines for several novels. I quickly realized I was back in my element growing happier and more excited with life each day. My goal in writing is to connect with readers who want to be part of great stories and who enjoy interacting with authors. To get a strong picture of who I am, check out my author website or my blog. It’s full of humor and eccentricity, sharing connections with everyone I follow—all in the hope of building a network of friends across the world.

When I completed the first book, Watching Glass Shatter, I knew I’d stumbled upon my passion again, suddenly dreaming up characters, plots, and settings all day long. I chose my second novel, Father Figure, through a poll on my blog where I let everyone vote for their favorite plot and character summaries. It is with my third book, Academic Curveball, the first in the Braxton Campus Mysteries, where I immersed myself in a college campus full of so much activity, I could hardly stop thinking about new murder scenes or character relationships to finish writing the current story. Come join in the fun!

List of Books

Watching Glass Shatter (October 2017)

Father Figure (April 2018)

Braxton Campus Mysteries

            Academic Curveball – #1 (October 2018)

            Broken Heart Attack – #2 (November 2018)

            Flower Power Trip – #3 (March 2019)

            Mistaken Identity Crisis – #4 (June 2019)

            Haunted House Ghost – #5 (October 2019)

Websites & Blog

Website: https://jamesjcudney.com/

Blog: https://thisismytruthnow.com

Social Media Links: Amazon | Twitter | Facebook Author Page | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Goodreads| LinkedIn

Organized by :

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#BookReview : A Woman to Blame by Vincent Panettiere


A Woman to Blame by Vincent Panettiere
Publication Date: October 14th 2019
Publisher: BookBaby
Pages: 400
Genre: Mystery / Suspense
Stars: ★★★★☆

Hours after a thoroughbred racehorse collapses and dies after finishing last in a race he was favored to win, his trainer—a young woman with a promising career—is found dead on a suburban Chicago beach. To the police, it’s a simple case of murder-suicide. But Mike Hegan, veteran police detective, refuses to believe the official story. Instead of retiring like they want him to, he embarks upon a search for the truth, and finds himself on a Caribbean island where scores are settled—and lives are lost.Fans of James Patterson and other crime fiction writers will find a new hero in Mike Hegan—a detective who defies convention to make sure that justice is served.

*** Note: I received this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to author. ***

Books I read by the same author:

A woman To Blame was first in Mike Hegan mystery series. This book was packed with murder, drama, horse race gambling, mafia feud, exploitation and swindling along with grief, loss, guilt, and romance.

As I read the second book in this series I was familiar with the writing style. Like second book in this too, it was third person narrative from multiple perspective. The plot was interesting and suspenseful.

It started with wedding bell ringing over Hegan’s head, he was trying to take leap of faith and marry Lucy in 6 months. 6 months later, he was returning back to Chicago from Caribbean with dead bodies, one of it was of woman’s for which he would feel guilty forever. Timeline was not mentioned and so it was confusing in the beginning but I could make connection later. It made me curious to know what happened to marriage and how and why he went to Caribbean. It peddles back taking readers to present and to the case mentioned in the synopsis and how it all started with a burnt fish. Yes, you heard it right and it was quite funny. That burnt fish and huge misunderstanding leads to mafia feud, a dead body of loan shark, vendetta and to the death of thoroughbred race horse and its trainer.

Lots of things happened with many turns and some shocking twist that involved long list of characters and many suspects. All characters were introduced one by one- some with their story and what was going on in their life and some indirectly related to them- and how they all, directly or indirectly, were connected to the death of a young woman with promising carrier as horse trainer. It was clear very early how that woman died. The story was about who killed her and why and how it leads Hegan to Caribbean. As I read more, new questions were added to the mystery and it made me doubt to my theory and my guesses.

Along with this complicated but really interesting mystery there were glimpse of Hegan’s life, his girlfriend, his family drama and tragedy in his life (which was so very movie like, that made me shake my head in disbelief). His emotions, frustration and anger was palpable. It was really unfair the way his department was treating him, I’m sure there could be alternative to the situation Hegan was into, but I guess a departmental politics was involved here or more like keeping control of unruly officer and I could later case was more predominant. As the story developed, Hegan also developed, he learned to accept his situation eventually. His drive to get justice for dead woman was admirable and at the same time crazy. But his this madness unrevealed the complicated mystery and also helped him to move on in his life. I loved his sense of responsibility and protectiveness towards his loved ones.

All the secondary characters were great, even villain or villains. My favorite character was Clay and Portia. Clay was Hegan’s florist friend. I liked this big guy who made this tense story light. Portia was fierce, kickass artist, determined to find out who killed her sister. It was horrible to read what she and her sister gone through and after reading it, I felt they deserved happiness. I could understand Portia’s mistrust towards men and her extreme reactions.

Suspense was great that kept me guessing who real culprit was until climax. So much happened in last few ages. Climax was shocking, tense and tragic. Even after so much loss in short time, I liked how Hegan kept moving in life at the end.

Why 4 stars-

Though story was interesting and engaging, it moved slowly, maybe because of length. I didn’t like that dramatic turn at his sister’s house. Couldn’t Hegan shoot in defense, why being such hero and doing all that! And that scene around climax at cliff with Hegan’s taxi driver. It was eye roll moment. Both these scenes felt so Bollywood like.

Overall, it was interesting, cleverly written, complicated mystery with many characters and twist and turns.

Book Links: Goodreads
Affiliate Link: Amazon.in | Amazon.com | Book depository

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What do you think about the book and review?
Have you read this book already or any book by the same author?
Which is your favorite crime mystery/fiction?

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#Spotlight #BookPromo : Little Eden by KT King @KTKINGbooks

Hello Readers! Today I’m happy to shine spotlight Little Eden by KT King. Check out a bit about this interesting magical book in this post.

Little Eden by KT King
Publication Date: October 30th 2018
Genre: cross-genre covering fantasy, mystery, suspense, historical, women’s fiction and contemporary


2012. Little Eden, London, England.

In the heart of the city lies the beautiful sanctuary of Little Eden. In the time of King Alfred, this sacred site was surrounded by stone walls and within their protection has grown a tranquil town of historic buildings, parks and gardens, and tree-lined streets.

But, Little Eden and the last 1,000 years of community, compassion and refuge are under threat. Human greed, selfishness and disregard are about to turn everything Little Eden stands for to dust.

Robert Bartlett-Hart must make a choice.

With the help of his friends – plus plenty of tea and cake – Robert learns that there is more at stake than just Little Eden. Something lies at the heart of the Abbey; something that stands between the future of mankind and Armageddon.

Robert sets out on a journey of self-discovery, through past lives, other dimensions, and even through Heaven itself, but where do his loyalties lie?

Will Little Eden survive to usher in a new age or will humanity perish with it?

Bit about the book:

Readers are falling in love with this utopian and rather quirky little village in the heart of London because it’s the kind of place where people care about each other and fight for what’s right and good.

As well as being a cosy read with afternoon tea served all day in the Daisy Place Café-Bookshop it’s also full of cliff hangers, thrills and flashes of the supernatural. A magical rollercoaster of a book – Little Eden doesn’t fit into one genre but mixes historical, cosy crime, women’s lit, supernatural, magical realism, romance, thriller and comedy all together (there are even yummy recipes from the story for you to try).

Based on the psychic and enlightenment work of its author, KT King, this slightly supernatural novel mingles the paranormal with the normal everyday lives of those who see, feel and experience the spirit realms without thinking it strange.

Little Eden was published as an eBook in November 2018 and is now available in paperback.

Book two in the series is due out Easter 2020.

Purchase Links:

e-books – Kindle UK | Amazon.com | ibook | kobo | Googleplay

Paperbacks: Amazon.UK | Amazon US

Signed Copies
KT also makes handmade healing jewellery and gifts inspired by Little Eden and sells the crystals mentioned throughout the novel in her little Etsy Shop.

Author Bio:

Dear Readers, as you’ll be able to tell from reading Little Eden, I love afternoon tea, investigating all things spiritual and when I can I work as a complimentary therapist. I started out studying French and English Literature at University and then worked for The British Red Cross before my health forced me to give up work and I had to retrain to do something I could manage from home on a part-time basis.

When I had a massive relapse of the CFS aged forty, I was in bed for two years and began to write Little Eden in my head. It took me four years to type it up as I had long periods of not being able to function. But, I feel I’ve been writing in my head my whole life long! Due to the CFS a publishing deal would not really work for me as I can’t meet deadlines and my writing days are short and erratic. Self-publishing offers the challenge of how to promote my books because I don’t have the energy or the time for major marketing. It is thanks to wonderful, generous bloggers like Yesha that you are reading about me and Little Eden right now.

I hope to help raise awareness for ME/CFS through my writing. I have suffered with this little known but chronic illness for over 25 years. My heroine, Sophie Lawrence, represents all of us with this illness. I hope that she inspires others as well as helping raise awareness for the millions of people worldwide who are currently ignored by the medical profession and society. There are so many people now suffering with this debilitating illness that it has been suggested that it is becoming a humanitarian crisis. If you would like to learn more about ME/CFS just click here: https://www.meaction.net/

I also love crafting, up-cycling and a bit of shabby chic! I sell some of my handmade jewellery in my Little Eden Etsy shop where all the gifts inspired by Little Eden. I meditate daily and I eat way too much chocolate! I can’t read a lot these days but I chill out by watching TV adaptations of cosy crime novels.

Social media and all links: https://linktr.ee/ktkingbooks

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#Review : The Bodies in the Library (First Edition Library Mystery #1) by Marty Wingate

The Bodies in the Library (First Edition Library Mystery #1) by Marty Wingate
Publication Date: October 8th 2019
Publisher: Berkley/Penguin Random House
Genre: Cozy Mystery / Mystery
Pages: 333
Stars: ★★★★☆

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nameartmaker-20180920_094846.png

Hayley Burke’s fresh start as the curator of The First Edition Society’s library in Bath, England, is about to take a rotten turn in this charming new mystery series from USA Today bestselling author Marty Wingate.

Hayley Burke has landed a dream job. She is the new curator of Lady Georgiana Fowling’s First Edition library. The library is kept at Middlebank House, a lovely Georgian home in Bath, England. Hayley lives on the premises and works with the finicky Glynis Woolgar, Lady Fowling’s former secretary.

Mrs. Woolgar does not like Hayley’s ideas to modernize The First Edition Society and bring in fresh blood. And she is not even aware of the fact that Hayley does not know the first thing about the Golden Age of Mysteries. Hayley is faking it till she makes it, and one of her plans to breathe new life into the Society is actually taking flight–an Agatha Christie fan fiction writers group is paying dues to meet up at Middlebank House.

But when one of the group is found dead in the venerable stacks of the library, Hayley has to catch the killer to save the Society and her new job.

*** Note: I received e-copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to PRHGlobal for free copy. ***

The Bodies in the Library was interesting cozy murder mystery that revolved around Hayley’s job as curator of Lady Georgiana Fowling’s First Edition Society at Lady Fowling’s Middlebank House, turned into library containing vast collection of first edition books by women authors from Golden Age of Mystery. It was about fanfiction, maintaining and respecting the legacy, secrets, conflicts, and friendship.

Book was first person narrative. Hayley’s voice was relatable, fun and so very British. Like her, I also haven’t read Christie, Slayers or Daphne books, and similarly I feel so bad for not reading them now. I could see how she felt when her position as curator was questioned.

Hayley’s expertise was 19th century literature. She never read mystery novels, knew nothing about Miss Marple and Poirot. She was lucky to have this job. With job, she was given accommodation in same premises, a grand and beautiful Georgian house. Mrs. Woolger, former secretary and caretaker of society, also lived and worked at Middlebank and didn’t know about Hayley’s lack of knowledge about the Golden Age of Mysteries. She didn’t like Hayleys’ ideas ways of running things. They didn’t see eye to eye. So, Hayley’s constant fear of being taken as fraud and losing her dream job was palpable.

She worked hard to fulfil her job and to spread word about the society, she invited fanfiction writers to society’s library for weekly meet up, but when one of the writer’s dead body was found in the library, that ended up in jeopardizing her job and Society’s reputation.

No clues and many suspects, I was curious to know how Hayley was going to find the murderer. What made the idea even more exciting was, she knew nothing about investigation until she read Christie’s Miss Marple book, The Body in the Library. It was fun to see her growing interest in mysteries and she did wonderful job in gathering clues. We could see how armature she was, not asking questions so subtly, taking risks and not keeping an open mind.

Hayley was great throughout the book. I liked her passion and ideas. Her efforts to keep her job safe. Her relationship with her mother was lovely. I also enjoyed Hayley and Mrs.  Woolger contrasting nature in the book and how both could work together when it came to saving Society.

All characters, especially writers, were quirky and inetreting. Author did wonderful job with them. Their fanfiction ideas and stories were fun. It was entertaining to see them inquiring about murder. Each had lot of questions and advise for Sargent who was so frustrated within few days of murder. And did I tell you anything about that cat in the cover. All credit for discovering clues and mysterious things goes to him.

The romance in between murder mystery was sweet. Hayley’s conflicting emotions for Van Moffatt and Wyn Rundle added spice to story. Wyn was really exhausting and I wonder why she liked him in first place. Val was brilliant throughout the book. I didn’t appreciate Val’s behavior in first meeting. He looked a bit jealous but as I knew him more, I liked him better.

What I loved most in the book was modern day setting along with Golden age of Mystery. It created wonderful atmosphere. Description of Middlebank house, the First Edition Society, Bath was mesmerizing. It was interesting to know Lady Georgiana Fowling’s life and her passion. And book cannot be complete without Christie and other mystery writers’ characters.

Suspense was good. I couldn’t guess who the murderer was until last few chapters. And the motive was only cleared in last chapter. End was satisfying and lovely. I can’t wait to see what new mysteries awaits for Hayley in next books.

Why 4 stars-

Everything was perfect but that motive for murder ruined the fun.

Overall, it was promising first book in new series. Interesting writing, atmospheric setting, and cozy mystery makes this book perfect for fans of Agatha Christie and this genre.

Book Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Affiliate Link: Book Depository

Let’s discuss!

What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book already or any book by the same author? Are you going to add it to TBR? Have read Miss Marple series or any book by the Golden Age of Mystery authors? Which is your favorite cozy mystery?


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