#CoverReveal : The Emerald Tablet Series @JMHartWriter @rararesources

Hello Readers! Today is the cover reveal for The Emerald Tablet Series, organized by Rachel’s Random Resources. Please check out the book details and wonderful cover in this post. I hope you enjoy it.

The Emerald Tablet: Omnibus Edition by JM Hart (three books in one)
Publication Date: August 2018
Genre: YA / NA / Adult Urban Fantasy Paranormal


Shaun can’t shake the deep anger over his mother’s death. But when his father’s desperate actions release parasitic hell-beasts upon the world, he has a much bigger fight on his hands.

Kevin hoped his country would be immune to the pandemic turning everyday people into psychopaths. But as his horror grows, an incredible new power could be the only thing that prevents Earth’s destruction.

Sophia is terrified of God’s plan for her. Plagued by visions of planetary devastation, she prays she can reach her allies in time to save humanity.

As doomsday approaches, can the teens accept their destiny in time to protect their world?

The Emerald Tablet: Omnibus is three books of dark speculative fiction in one. If you like brave teenage heroes, intriguing mystical connections, and apocalyptic international settings, then you’ll love JM Hart’s incredible collection.

Buy The Emerald Tablet to unlock the adventure today!

Purchase Link:  http://books2read.com/The-Emerald-Tablet-Omnibus-book-1-2-3

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07QH8KWDZ  Reduced price for a limited time: $4.99 ebook only on Amazon

Convergence book three in The Emerald Tablet Series


As doomsday approaches, can the teens accept their destiny in time to protect their world?

Seven special teens. A deadly ancient evil. Can they combine their unique powers and halt the infection before humanity is obliterated?

Shaun is dying. The plane’s engine is failing.  Kevin must open a portal to catch the falling plane and save Shaun’s life.

Sophia is terrified of God’s plan for her. Plagued by visions of planetary devastation, she prays Shaun and Kevin can reach her in time to save humanity.

Purchase Link – http://books2read.com/Convergence-book-3-in-the-emerald-tablet-series

For a limited time only book one, of the trilogy Shadows of Doubt is only  $1.00 on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07K69DXG4

Author Bio:

JM Hart was born in Sydney, Australia and has been a storyteller from a young age, with a particular interest in horror and things that go bump in the night.  Favorite authors include Stephen King, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, to name but a few.  After being told at the age of 11 that writing about dead bodies and newlyweds dying in a plane crash was unbecoming, JM’s life was instead directed towards bookkeeping and finance.

For the next twenty years, immersed in a point-of-sale advertising company, JM occasionally wrote advertising blurbs, learnt how to ride a motorcycle, taught color physiology to spiritual mediums, meditation and relaxation, studied Religions, Kabbalah, tarot cards, astrology, creative and professional writing, philosophy and volunteered at palliative care, and worked on the local church newsletter – not quite the appropriate outlet for a writer interested in the supernatural. And she became a grandmother.

Social Media Links:

Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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#Bookblitz : Runaways by Rachel Sawden @RachelSawden, @RunawaystheBook #RunawaysTheBook

Hello Readers! Today is my stop during the Blitz tour for Runaways by Rachel Sawden, organized by Xpresso Book Tours (in collaboration with The Literary Lobbyist).  Please check out book details, excerpt and giveaway in this post.

Runaways by Rachel Sawden 
Publication date: November 9th 2018
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


Harper Rodrigues’ five-year plan was on track. She’d worked hard to secure her graduate marketing job, her boyfriend Adam was set to propose any day, and she was learning to process the death of her sister. She’d been through some dark times, but there was light at the end of the tunnel.

At least, that’s how it had seemed until the day she was fired in the morning and dumped by nightfall.
Now, with her life plans in ruins, Harper turns to her best friends who are going on the trip of a lifetime – five-months traveling across Asia and Oceania. Determined to see the silver lining in her unraveled plans, she decides to book a plane ticket to join them and resurrect her dreams of becoming a travel photographer.

But Harper’s travels aren’t all sunshine and cocktails. With Adam begging for her forgiveness and proposing on the eve of her departure, Harper knows she must be on her best behavior. But when she meets Xavier, an enigmatic poet on the beaches of Goa, that may just be easier said than done.

Runaways is the empowering and racy tale of one woman’s voyage of self-discovery. A must-read for fans of travelogues and romance alike.


In overcoming her fears, the protagonist learned to live and not just exist. A great read for anyone who wants to change their life but is scared to step outside the norm. I would love a sequel! –Netgalley 5-star

If you enjoy books about self-exploration, summer love and some drama this would be a good book for you. –Goodreads 4-star review

This was a gripping read. I really felt like I was there experiencing different countries with the writer. A great combination of wanderlust, romance, friendship and life after loss. –Amazon 5-star review

This a heartwarming story about friends, romance and following your dreams. I enjoyed the debut novel of this author as the combination of the relationship of the three friends, the great locations that felt like you were travelling with them and the romances they experienced on their journey turned into an enjoyable story and I would definitely read her future books. –Amazon 4-star review

Book Links : Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo



Date: January 8, 2010

Toronto, Canada

Where would you go if you could run away? Trek the tangled jungles of Thailand? Camp under the constellations in the Australian outback? Or run wild with your lover on white sand beaches in the South Pacific?

“Nowhere,” I whispered. My heels clicked on the linoleum floor, punctuating the spiel from my presentation echoing in my head. “I am exactly where I am supposed to be.”

How could I not be positive? I was one of the lucky few to gain and maintain employment in the shadow of the Great Recession. Fresh out of university, I might add. Granted, my working unpaid for TMI Marketing during my summer years gave me a leg up on the competition. While my job consisted mainly of making coffee, filing papers, and having my ideas ignored, I worked my ass off for the past three years. And today was the day my hard work would pay off. It was the day it all would change. The career side of my five-year plan was on schedule.

A fresh wave of adrenaline pulsed through me as I made my way down the hallway of very unflattering lighting to my boss’s office to discuss the presentation I’d given that morning. A discussion that would hopefully lead to a new position in the company. One where I could take on actual responsibility and express my creativity. Perhaps be involved in art direction. A business card with a title: Harper Rodrigues, Marketing Executive.

I would actually manage my very own accounts.

We had secured a new client, a travel website, Madcap Travels, who was looking to reevaluate their social media marketing plan and contracted my company to manage it. Myself and a colleague had made competing presentations for the job. Only one of us could gain the account. Only one of us could be promoted. Only one of us could win today, and I wanted it to be me.

I had never been so excited about a project, and so damn scared about presenting.

Inspired by my friends’ upcoming “gap year” travels, I created the Run Away campaign harnessing the power of this growing thing called social media. When Facebook became a buzzword a few years back, my father said it was just a passing fad used by horny college students too lazy to go to the bar and talk to each other. He may have been right, but once it had been opened up to anyone with an email address there were millions of lazy, horny people of all ages across the world skulking around on confined areas of cyberspace. And that is gold to a marketer.

In a nutshell, the campaign would focus on incentivizing both amateur and professional photographers who were traveling the globe to connect and share their stories and photographs on social media platforms. Top entrants would not only gain recognition on the website but also chances to win prizes from partner sponsors such as airlines, tour companies, and hotels. I poured myself into this presentation. Putting myself in the shoes of one of the many runaways, I imagined my life living out of a backpack, seeing a new city every week, learning from other photographers, finding remote waterfalls and villages from the whispers of other vagabonds.

It was what I hoped to do had I not abandoned my plans to become a world-famous travel photographer.

It was what I could do if I abandoned my carefully crafted five-year plan and took off with Jade and Lana.

It was what I wanted to do with my sister, Audrey, since we were little girls. It was what we could have done if she were still alive.

Author Bio:

Rachel Sawden was born and raised in Bermuda. As the daughter of a Jamaican father and English mother the former model earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from McGill University in Montreal Canada. Today Rachel is an author, producer, and content creator in her beautiful island of Bermuda. The certified scuba and free diver explored the Great Barrier Reef and underwater worlds in Cuba and Indonesia. She is the ultimate travel maven having journeyed to over 35 countries across 5 continents since graduating college.

Website / Goodreads / Instagram / Twitter


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#CoverReveal : The Sisters of Salem @TishThawer

Hello Readers! Today is the cover reveal for The Sisters of Salem by Tish Thawer, organized by Xpresso Book Tours and the cover is designed by Regina Wamba. Check out the book details and the cover in this post.


The Sisters of Salem by Tish Thawer 
Series: Witches of BlackBrook, #3
Published by: Amber Leaf Publishing
Publication date: Summer/Fall 2019
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance


Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then found, souls remain bound.

After facing a relentless foe, three sister witches are forced even further back through time to a place that holds just as much sorrow for them as it does joy.

Returning to their origins in 1685, the trio races to save not only their mother from the clutches of their new enemy but also to secure the future they’ve worked for centuries to build.

Avoiding their younger selves is a necessity that proves difficult, especially when one sister isn’t sure she wants to leave the past behind. Faced with love and loss, these witches are forced to endure the burning times again, and one wrong step could alter history and their future forever.


Purchase previous books in the series: https://amzn.to/2GGHQyK

The cover…

Author Bio:

2017 – #1 Bestseller in Historical Fiction (Witches of BlackBrook)
2017 – Top 100 Bestselling in Paid Kindle Store (Witches of Blackbrook)
2015 – Best Cover – Penned Con (The Witches of BlackBrook)
2015 – Readers Choice Award – My New Favorite Book Awards (The Witches of BlackBrook)

Bestselling and Award Winning Author, Tish Thawer, writes paranormal romances for all ages. From her first paranormal cartoon, Isis, to the Twilight phenomenon, myth, magic, and superpowers have always held a special place in her heart.

Tish is known for her detailed world-building and magic-laced stories. Her work has been compared to Nora Roberts, Sam Cheever, and Charlaine Harris. She has received a RONE Award nomination (Reward of Novel Excellence), as well as nominations for Best Cover, Reader’s Choice, and Author of the Year (Fantasy, Dystopian, Mystery).

Tish has worked as a computer consultant, photographer, and graphic designer, and is a columnist for Gliterary Girl media and has bylines in RT Magazine and Literary Lunes Magazine. She resides in Arizona with her husband and three wonderful children and is represented by Gandolfo, Helin, and Fountain Literary Management.

You can find Tish on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/AuthorTishThawer

A common FAQ: “How do you pronounce her last name?”
Answer: Think “Bower” or “Thow-er”. It’s Persian!

Author links:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Organized by :


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Book Blitz: The Tempted Series by B Truly

This is my stop during the book blitz for The Tempted Series by B Truly. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 28 January till 10 February. See the tour schedule➡ here⬅ Please check out book details, excerpt and giveaway in this post.

Temptation Trials Revolution (The Tempted Series #1) by B Truly
Genre: Dystopian Romance
Age category: New Adult
Release Date: July 13, 2018


There are always two sides to a story. Can love withstand the ultimate temptation?

A new Regime has arisen from the havoc and destruction of World War III.

Society now has to follow the strict mandates, reign under the dictatorship of His Highest Eminence or suffer the consequences.

Tobias and Kincade are part of a cryptic organization that’s trying to uncover the secrets behind the Regime. Something is suspicious with the new world order—why else would they want to control the most powerful emotion of love? With mandatory arranged marriages at the age of twenty-one, the only way to fight for love is through the Temptation Trials—a government-sponsored reality TV show.

Kincade and Tobias know the rules, but after they meet the women of their dreams, they face a difficult decision. With their impending birthdays around the corner, the guys have to decide if they will bend to the Regime’s will or fight for their relationships.

Lust, mistaken for love, will lead down a treacherous path. They soon learn that the spirit may be willing, but the flesh is weak.

Can love redeem them or is lust too tempting?

This book can be read before or after Temptation Trials Part I. Find out the guy’s POV in a new story that unravels through the Trials.

You can find Temptation Trials Revolution on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42447251-temptation-trials-revolution

You can buy Temptation Trials Revolution here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Temptation-Trials-Revolution-Mens-Tempted-ebook/dp/B07F64W2DZ


* * * Tobias * * *

The computer monitors buzzed to life, showing multiple views of the police compound through the cameras the Op team wore. Eric and others of the rescue waited outside the perimeter in SUVs, while the rest snuck into the precinct from the sewage system below. All the members’ locator devices were now live, and I could hear talking through my ear drum.

“They better be glad I like them,” one male member said. “It doesn’t smell like roses down here.”

“Yeah, they owe me,” another agreed.

“Looks like the cavalry’s coming,” Rafi exclaimed.

“Oh, thank goodness,” Susan said.

The virus that I was installing disabled the alarms. The rescue squad crept in from below, but it would be much faster for them and God knows who else to escape from the outside—half the party had been captured. The lights would be out in the facility shortly. Lights out or not, the enforcement would retaliate. It would be slower for everyone to try to climb down through the sewage system.

Letting the team know the plan, I announced through their devices, “Okay everyone, lets stay sharp. I’ll be disabling the lights to buy time. When I kill them, the cell doors will also open, so be ready to haul ass. Mike is gonna blow you a way out.”

“Roger that,” Cade replied.

Stefani’s eyes were glued to the screen. She glanced at me. “This is exciting and scary at the same time. Will they really be able to pull this off?”

“Don’t worry. Our members are well trained. I’m sure they will.”

She gave me a contrite smile. The rescue had just touched down in the precinct, sneaking in successfully. Their cover would be blown soon—they couldn’t invisibly sneak to the cells. The four internal crew entered as close as possible to the block where they were being held. Now it was time to pray that they really could pull this off.

It being late at night did play in our favor—the compound wasn’t as heavily guarded. Two enforcers at the counter next to the cell block where Cade and the other members were had spotted Mike. One male tried to hit the alert alarm, frowning when he came up blank.

Yeah, I took care of that.

His comrade attempted to draw his weapon, but two from the rescue team were faster. Randolph aimed his gun at the officer’s head. Winston held his gun on the other enforcer, while the fourth member of our crew stayed farther back. She was keeping an eye out for anyone coming from the front of the precinct. With the two enforcers contained, Mike continued to the metal door of the cell block. From the internal cameras that I’d tapped into, I spied one of the officers guarding that section coming out.

“One is headed in your direction, Mike,” I relayed.


Mike snuck to the side as the enforcer came out the door. Mike acted quickly, swiping his feet from under him. He took his club and hit the officer in the head, knocking him out. The remaining enforcer in the cell block was being distracted by the inmates. I’d already scrambled the codes so that all the doors would open.

“Proceed, Mike. It’s just one, but tread lightly, because he’s armed,” I gave him the okay.

“What’s up on the lights?” Mike asked.

The damn program was taking longer than I’d anticipated. Come on, sucker! “Give it a few more seconds.”

I’d been able to give them a play-by-play thus far, having tapped into the compound’s camera feed. But the cameras in the building were about to crash, along with the lights, so we’d have to rely on the rescue team’s embedded cameras to see what was happening—couldn’t have any trace of them being there. Mike pulled the metal door with ease as to not alert the enforcer. He spotted him not long after Mike entered and got a shot off. Luckily, Mike was prepared, so he was able to dodge it. Wasting no time, Mike launched a smoke canister onto the floor.

Temptation Trials Rebellion (The Tempted Series #2) by B Truly
Genre: Dystopian Romance
Age category: New Adult
Release Date: November 30, 2018


Can love defeat the greatest temptation … lust?

In a post-apocalyptic nation where the land of the free is now run under a dictatorship, there is one factor that holds the key to keeping world order—love. The new Regime controls the emotions of the heart. It’s their most vital law. At the age of twenty-one, every citizen is forced into an arranged marriage. The only way to escape the arrangement is to enter the Temptation Trials—a government-sponsored reality TV show where the loyalties of the contestants are tested by Tempters and Temptresses who are impossible to resist.

Catalina enters the Trials as a Temptress in hopes that she can win the funds to save her brother. Sahara’s been ridiculed in the eyes of the public. By being a Temptress, she’ll be able to have a fresh start. The Regime promises that if she fulfills her role on the show they will wipe her slate clean.

The problem is that the Trials are rigged for failure. In all the prior seasons, love’s rival, lust, has proven to be more powerful. No contestant has ever won the Temptation Trials and be allowed to stay with their chosen partner. Lutheran Eminence, the world’s dictator, has shown that he’s the ultimate matchmaker.

As the Temptation Ball approaches, conflict is at an all-time high. Most couples are too hurt by betrayal to reconcile. With the odds stacked against them, Kincade and Tobias try to mend their relationships, hoping that the greater good will prevail.

Attempting to uncover the true meaning of love may cost the contestants more than they bargained for—it may cost their souls.

You can find Temptation Trials Rebellion on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42650958-temptation-trials-rebellion

You can buy Temptation Trials Rebellion here on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KV47XXK

About the Author:

B. Truly has wanted to be an author since she was fifteen years old and is grateful to have accomplished this dream. She has very vivid dreams and a wild imagination. She likes to read, watch tons of TV shows, and movies. She’s addicted to romance and gets a thrill out of action and sci-fi. She writes New Adult and Adult, Romance. Sci-fi, Dystopian, and Paranormal genres.

B. Truly likes to explore different elements of sci-fi romance, and create various realms of reality. She also loves creating impossible situations for her characters to grow from and try to overcome.

B. Truly has three wonderful children and a husband who defines the person that she is today. She works full-time as an Ultrasound technologist in Houston, Texas.

You can find and contact B Truly here:

Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Amazon


There is a tour wide giveaway for the book blitz of The Tempted Series. Two winners will win each a $10 Amazon gift card and an e-copy of either Temptation Trials Revolution or Temptation Trials Rebellion (winner’s choice). US Only.

For a chance to win, enter the rafflecopter below:


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Clouded by Envy by Candace Robinson

Clouded by Envy by Candace Robinson
Expected Publication Date: February 19th 2019
Publisher: The Parliament House
Read Date: December 22nd 2018
Genre: Fantasy / NA / Paranormal Romance
Pages: 215
Stars: 5/5

Brenik has always been envious of his twin sister, Bray. Growing up as fairy-like creatures, known as bats, everything came easier to Bray. While Brenik spent his time in her shadows, never feeling he was enough. After escaping their world of Laith, and living on Earth for ten years, Brenik attempts to strike a deal with the Stone of Desire to become human. Though true humanity is not an option, he will accept the curse that will alter him to get as close as he can.

Living in a tree trunk for the past year hasn’t been easy for Bray, more so after her brother disappears again. When a human boy and his brother, Wes, find her, a new friendship is struck. Through Wes, Bray learns there can be more to life than waiting within a tree. But worrying over where Brenik has vanished to always remains in the back of her mind.

When Bray reunites with Brenik, she realizes she must help him break the curse after she discovers the need for blood is beginning to overpower him. The curse not only damages those who get close to Brenik, but it could also destroy whatever is blooming between Bray and Wes.

Clouded by Envy was a NA fantasy paranormal romance; a bittersweet story of siblings, envy, deepest desire turning out to be disaster, selfishness, dark vs light within self, choices and its consequences.

Brayora (Bray) and Brenik were twin sister and brother. They looked like small fairies, bats with human face. Bray was pure-hearted, amiable, smart and was quite mature. She formed relations with humans on earth easily. She was developed character and I loved the way she cared for Brenik but I did not appreciate she staying back in life because of Brenik’s selfish nature. I fell in love with her pure heart and jolly nature.

Brenik was envious, self-centered and blamed Bray for being weak at core of his nature. He loved her and hated her at the same time. There was lot of things bad about him but he also cared for Bray which he realized too late in the book. His negative role as a brother and the way he tried to repay the wrong he did at the end was exceptional.

Wes was amazing brother and Luca was most adorable kid. I loved everything about these two. They gave the book new turn and life.

This was the best book I read by Candace Robinson. I liked it even more than Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault . Writing was mesmerizing, characters were creative and the world was unique.

The book was third person narrative written in two timeline- 10 years before 1995 set in a fictional world, Laith and the present time (1995) on earth- from Bray and Brenik’s POV, alternatively. It began a decade before 1995 which told the story of Brenik’s feeling towards Bray and how the seed of jealousy was sprouted in Brenik’s heart, how they escaped Laith and arrived on earth. Most of the book was in present time Bray and Brenik’s life on earth, how they survived on earth being the creatures from the other world and how it changed their life.

First few chapters outlined Bray and Brenik’s nature and more colors were filled to their character as the story progressed. I loved reading Brenik’s POV because of his two sides good and bad always at war with each other. I hated him for being selfish while on the other hand I liked that his conscience was not totally destroyed. Bray’s growing friendship with Wes and Luca was charming.

I was curious to know where Brenik flew to, why he left Bray and when he will return, whether he will find a way to lessen his venomous feeling for his sister or do something unspeakable. Book held my attention even more when Brenik stuck a bargain with the stone of desire and series of tragic events take place that lead to disaster.

Emotions in the book felt true. Family dynamic was realistic. It was fascinating to read complicated relationships. Vampire, Picture of Dorian Gray and Captain Hook made it even more unique. Concoction of fairy tale and classic created an intoxicating cocktail.

Climax was gripping, the end was heartbreaking, and Epilogue was wonderful.

Overall, it was fast paced, imaginative, fabulous NA fantasy that I highly recommend.

Author: Candace Robinson

Buy Link: Amazon.in / Amazon.com

*** Note: I received e-ARC from the author, in exchange for an honest review. ***

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