Netherfield Prep by Elizabeth Stevens

Netherfield Prep

Published: April 6th 2017 by Sleeping Dragon Books

Read Date: April 29th 2017

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Netherfield Prep is modern reimagining of Pride & Prejudice.

Character Identification (If you have read Pride and Prejudice or already know the characters from the movie): Austin- Mr. Darcy; Lily- Elizabeth; Jackson (Jax)- Mr. Bingley; Anne- Jane; Kate and Gemma- Lydia and Kitty; Anders- Wickham

Blurb (in my words)

Lily, after her mother’s death, joins Netherfield boarding school with her step-sisters, Gemma and Kate. On the first day of the school she meets ‘the famous’ Cooper twins- Austin (as everyone knows proud and conservative) and Jax (sweet and friendly). And as they say ‘first impression is last impression’, poor Austin gets the worst. Jax falls for Lily’s roommate Anne, while Lily and Austin are like — well you know how they were like in ‘Pride &Prejudice’- Austin tries to separate Jax and Anne, Lily very badly insults him all the time, Austin falls for her and tries to make everything right and then happily ever after. Ahh!! I just wrote almost whole story very boringly but trust me, you will like to read it in this book.

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The Crystal Casket (Cursed Fairy Tale Book 2) by Sarah Morse Adams

resized crystal-caske

Published: April 4th 2017

My rating: 4.25/5 stars

Mirror, mirror… Steady-paced and affecting… Loved this retelling of Snow White. Okay, I’m not trying to write a line, that’s just how I felt about book.

Blurb (in my words)

The Crystal Casket is second book in series ‘Cursed Fairy Tale’. It is standalone book and can be read in any order.

As everyone knows, once upon a time, there was beautiful princess named ‘Snow’, beautiful white as snow; an evil stepmother who locked her in the prison of castle. She ran away from castle when she discovered evil intention of stepmother and took shelter in the house of seven dwarfs. That’s it… here ends the similarity.

In this retelling, Snow is princess of Fae kingdom and she is possessed by an uncontrollable demon. She is locked in prison by her father and stepmother. Step mother is evil, of course, but living in a fancy of being hero of the kingdom, wants to save it from princess, and wants to kill her. Snow runs away from castle in hope of getting rid of her demon and queen with a wish to live. During her runaway she meets horseman and makes deal with him which is going to change everything. Will she able to get rid of her demon or find out a way to control it? What happens when her stepmother finds out her whereabouts? Is she going to survive from her demon and stepmother?

There’s also a poisonous comb, poisonous apple, a prince, and spirits. But everything in author’s style.

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