#BookReview : You Are Mine by Miranda Rijks

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You Are Mine by Miranda Rijks
Publication Date: November 25th 2019
Publisher: Inkubator Books
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Pages: 270
Stars: ★★★★★

Rupert has spent years searching for his perfect wife. Now he’s found her.

Her name is Charlotte Aldridge and she’s wonderful. A talented artist, modest and beautiful, she’s everything he ever dreamed of. Her hair, her eyes, her mouth – every little detail is perfect.

Rupert is confident that when they meet, she’ll fall in love with him just as he has with her. After all, he’s a wealthy British aristocrat. And he’s handsome – the relentless gym workouts and extensive plastic surgery have seen to that.

But what if Charlotte can’t see that they’re a perfect fit, that they’re meant for each other? Well, Rupert can be very persuasive. His father taught him certain methods which are extremely effective. Methods that can turn the most determined, ‘I don’t’ into a meek and submissive, ‘I do’….

A chilling, up-all-night psychological thriller, You Are Mine is perfect for fans of Mark Edwards and K. L. Slater 

*** Note: I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to NetGalley and publisher. ***

Other book I read by the same author:

You Are Mine was creepy psychological thriller that had creepiest villain I ever read. It was about loveless and emotionless upbringing and its psychological effect, how it shapes a person, mindset of psychopath and mainly about limerence- extreme love obsession.  

Writing was fantastic, gripping and fast paced. Setting of old mansion in Sussex with its vast property, hall of pictures, ball room and punishment room made the book even more unnerving. Book was mainly set in present narrated both from Rupert and Charlotte’s POV, alternatively. There were intermittent chapters from the past that gave the picture of Rupert’s childhood, his family and upbringing and how the characters in this chapters were directly or indirectly responsible for what was happening in present.

Book started with Charlotte’s art exhibition, pictures she created six month before the tragedy in her life, but she was distant far away from happiness. She was still grieving for her fiancé. Her inspiration died with him, she struggled to paint and maintain economical condition. Surprisingly, on the first day of exhibition she met aristocratic man, Sir Rupert, who offered her huge amount for painting his portrait staying at his mansion. Charlotte had to accept the offer to pay her debts even though she had her doubts and felt uncomfortable. But she couldn’t have guessed what she was getting into by accepting the offer.

I was curious to see when and how Charlotte will see through Rupert and his intentions, why he chose Charlotte and what methods he was going to use that was mentioned in that synopsis, If Charlotte will escape this psychopath or succumb to his persuasion.

First half of the book outlined the characters. Charlotte was decent character. She was physically week mentally broken because of her fiancé- Matthew’s death. She was normal girl with good looks, simple life and great talent, she couldn’t get into any sort of trouble until Rupert stepped on her life. I was glad for her sixth sense, I just wish she would have reacted to it earlier but I know that wouldn’t have stopped Rupert, would it? Her resilience and determination to fight Rupert was great but she was not strong enough. Of course she had a chance but she was too polite and wasted to grab it. And that dragged her into nightmare.

I loved Charlotte’s sister Jodi and their sisterly bond, the role she played. She was utterly brave and strong person.

Author has knack for creating hell of twisted and demented psychopath. Rupert was one horrible character. He was self-centered, materialistic, typical aristocrat who thought he could buy everything with his money, even love. His character showed how far a person monster can stoop to get what he want. I had to agree he had troubled childhood, I didn’t approve the way he was treated at school or at home. He clearly needed guidance with love and care and of course a psychiatrist. No matter how sorry I felt for 15-yr-old Rupert, I hated him as much. He never understood no or what true meaning of love was.

I definitely held all the characters in his life (his father, even that cook, and partly Simone – she might be a bitch but she was clear from the very beginning and I agreed with her views) responsible for creating this psycho and letting him roam free. He didn’t deserve pity or a chance or the impression people had in their mind. Oh hell he didn’t deserve to breathe one molecule of oxygen. You see he made me so angry. I was so shocked, horrified and disgusted reading his POV. But I must say he was smart and brilliant in the book.

Now I could predict what he did to get Charlotte and why, some in the beginning and some within first half. There was no big suspense and still I couldn’t have guessed what happened in the second half. I thought first half was scary but my goodness, the second was epitome of scary. I lost the count how many times I cursed while reading it. The methods he used and what he did to her was dreadful.

Climax was tense and tragic. I wish I could change it. End was great. After reading this book I so wished I can cast some magic on my daughter that can ward off psychos of the world.

Overall, it was dark twisted, riveting psychological thriller. I highly recommend this to fans of this genre.

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Which book you read had most scariest villain?


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#blogtour #Excerpt : The Black Ditch by Simon Lancaster @rararesources

Hello Readers! I’m pleased to share the excerpt from The Black Ditch by Simon Lancaster as a part of blog tour organized by Rachel’s Random Resources. Check out more about this Dystopian thriller in this post, and there is tour-wide giveaway at the end!

The Black Ditch by Simon J Lancaster
The Laurie Sterne Trilogy Book #1
Publication Date: 8th July 2019
Genre: Dystopian future thriller


LAURIE STERNE feels like he’s been cut adrift in space. His father has been shot dead, caught in the crossfire of a gangland war that has also claimed his boss’s life. Laurie is a refugee who lost his adoptive mum years before and doesn’t know where he was born, let alone who his birth parents were. But he’s not alone in the world: someone is trying to kill him.

This is London, 2050, a dumping ground for climate refugees and dissidents. Gangs rule, murder goes unpunished and the police make sure you can’t escape.

In his struggle to stay alive, he finds an ally: his former boss’s secret daughter.
But with the killer predicting his every move, is the man without a past being betrayed by the woman who seems to offer him a future?


IT is 2050 and Laurie Sterne is serving a life sentence in the prison city of London for being a climate refugee. He is a man with low expectations; even so, he has been having a bad week.

His father has been killed and his boss assassinated. And just as it seems he is waking from this nightmare, just as he is given a new job and somewhere to live by the mysterious Anna Lewis, he is captured by a gang boss called Russell Smith and tortured to force him to give up information he doesn’t have.

He is dumped, half-dead, on a street, picked up by his former employers, who nearly kill him, and by some miracle manages to get free.

But now his injuries are taking their toll; he is hallucinating as he drags his wounded body to his new flat. All the same, he’s fairly sure there is someone on his tail. Someone armed. Someone horribly real…

RELIEF got him up the single flight of stairs from the Tube platform and an escalator took him to street level. He tried to get his bearings. His vision was getting worse, the night air seemed flecked with snowflakes the size of fists.

He shuffled down King William Street like a stroke victim. The half mile to his flat seemed like a desert trek without water.

Puffy lumps of snow floated down from a clear, starry sky and settled on the pavement. They mottled his shoes, black plastic shoes he didn’t recognise.

From Smith’s place, like the overalls.

Feet on the pavement behind him. He stopped and turned. He sensed someone in the dark.

Stop this crazy paranoia!

In a teeming prison city, the only cause for fear would have been if there hadn’t been anyone there.

He stumbled on. The world appeared to close in on him, the buildings arching over his head to make a tomb.

He glanced back. A man was striding out towards him. He could hear the sound of steel wheels and horses’ hooves.

The man’s fast walk turned into a run. He carried what looked like a semi-automatic shotgun.

Laurie was as sure as he could be that this was not a paranoid fantasy.

The buildings were crumbling. He was inside a collapsing cave of concrete and steel. The black figure raced towards him like a charging bull and all the while the sound of the wheels became louder.

He tried to run and tripped. He put his arms out to break his fall.

There was a single shot.

A police brougham pulled by two black horses stopped next to him in a cloud of dust and stirred-up snow. The tunnel of buildings wrapped round it.

Laurie screamed in pain.

He was helped up.

The pursuer lay motionless on the ground. Blood dripped from the glass office front across the street.

He was carried to the brougham. He heard someone talking on a phone. He passed out and when he came to, he was being carried on a stretcher. Strange, grey outlines crossed his vision like mythic birds in a night sky.

He closed his eyes and opened them again. They entered his building in Lower Thames Street and carried him to the opposite side of the atrium. A man sat at the reception desk; could see the drama, didn’t care.

Laurie’s key card got them through the door to the stairwell.

His helpers laid the stretcher on the floor and hauled him upright. His head lolled and he alternately screamed and whimpered as they dragged him up the stairs.

He was put back on the stretcher when they reached his floor. Snow fell thickly as they crossed the lobby to his front door.

A woman walking in front of them opened it. He was placed on his bed. He closed his eyes again and gasped for air.

He heard sounds, sensed people, intruders. More pain coming. This time it would finish him.

A voice.

‘Oh god, Jess!’

A voice he recognised.

Anna Lewis’s voice.

A reply from someone close to his ear, a woman who sounded a bit like Lewis, but was not Lewis.

‘It’s OK, he’s breathing, that’s something to work with.’

The sound of his front door shutting. The feel of hands touching him.

The one who wasn’t Lewis, spoke in his right ear.

‘Can you sit up?’

She helped him turn on his back.

He opened his eyes but all he could see was snow.

‘Let’s get these off.’

He thought she was talking to him, but she must have been talking to Lewis. Hands eased him up. The overalls were unbuttoned, and the sleeves pulled from his arms. He cried out. Hands gingerly laid him back down again. Hands dragged the overalls off.

He breathed out.

Hands touched his skin. They were incredibly gentle.

‘This was my fault,’ said Lewis.

He wanted to tell her it wasn’t, but he’d lost the power of speech.

He was on the side of a boat that floated on her eyes. He put his hands together, leaned over and dived in.

When his body met the deep, clear water he finally let go. He finally passed out.

Purchase Links:

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07V1HHTJK/

US – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V1HHTJK/

About Author:

Simon J Lancaster is the author of The Black Ditch, the first in the Laurie Sterne trilogy of dystopian future thrillers. Prior to writing novels he was a national newspaper journalist in London, as well as a music critic and private pilot. He has written short stories and plays and, after reading extensively about climate change, concluded that the fantasy gun-play of contemporary-set action novels would be the lived experience of our coming world.

Social Media Links – Facebook

Giveaway to Win a signed copy of The Black Ditch, and for your name to be used for a character in the sequel (Open Int)

*Terms and Conditions –Worldwide entries welcome.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below.  The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then Rachel’s Random Resources reserves the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time Rachel’s Random Resources will delete the data.  I am not responsible for despatch or delivery of the prize.

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#BookPromo #Spotlight : Hiding in the Plain Sight @eoghanegan @LoveBooksGroup

Hello readers! Today we are celebrating the release of Hiding in Plain Sight by Eoghan Egan. The official launch is on the 11th of January in Ireland and you are cordially invited. Your invitation below, for now here is more information about the book and the author.

Hiding in the Plain Sight
Genre: Irish Crime Fiction


A vicious serial killer roams the Irish Midlands, with his sights set on the next victim. 

A successful businessman has found the perfect recipe for getting away with murder.

No bodies, no evidence.

No evidence, no suspect.

High art and low morals collide when graduate Sharona Waters discovers a multi-million euro art scam in play. She delves in, unwittingly putting herself on a direct trajectory with danger as the killer accelerates his murder spree.

When Sharona gets drawn into the killer’s orbit, she peels away his public persona and exposes the psychopath underneath. Suddenly, the small town has no hiding place…

About Author:

A native of Co. Roscommon, Eoghan studied Computer Programming in college, works in Sales Management & Marketing, but his passion for reading and writing remains.

Eoghan’s work got shortlisted for the 2018 Bridport Short Story Prize, and Listowel’s 2019 Bryan McMahon Short Story Award Competition. His novel was a contender in literary agent David Headley’s opening chapter Pitch Competition, and during March 2019, Eoghan’s entry won Litopia’s Pop-Up Submission.

A graduate of Maynooth University’s Creative Writing Curriculum, and Curtis Brown’s Edit & Pitch Your Novel Course, Eoghan’s novel Hiding in Plain Sight – the first in a crime fiction trilogy based around the Irish Midlands – will be available in paperback and audio on January 11th 2020.


You are invited!

Buy Link: https://amzn.to/39WEjdw

Connect with Eoghan Egan

Twitter handle: @eoghanegan


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What do you think about the book? Do you like Irish Crime Fictions? Have you read this book already?

Happy Reading!!

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#BookReview : I Know You Remember by Jennifer Donaldson

I Know You Remember by Jennifer Donaldson
Publication Date: October 8th 2019
Publisher: Razorbill
Genre: YA / Thriller /Psychological thriller
Pages: 336
Stars: ★★★★★

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is nameartmaker-20180920_094846.png

Jennifer Donaldson is back with another twisted thriller perfect for fans of One of Us Is Lying and Gone Girl.

Zahra Gaines is missing.

After three long years away, Ruthie Hayden arrives in her hometown of Anchorage, Alaska to this devastating news. Zahra was Ruthie’s best friend–the only person who ever really understood her–and she vows to do whatever it takes to find her.

Zahra vanished from a party just days before Ruthie’s return, but the more people she talks to, the more she realizes that the Zahra she knew disappeared long before that fateful night. Gone is the whimsical, artistic girl who loved books and knew Ruthie’s every secret. In her place is an athlete, a partier, a girl with secrets of her own. Darker still are the rumors that something happened to Zahra while Ruthie was gone, something that changed her forever…

As Ruthie desperately tries to piece together the truth, she falls deeper and deeper into her friend’s new world, circling closer to a dangerous revelation about what Zahra experienced in the days before her disappearance–one that might be better off buried.

In her stunning follow-up to Lies You Never Told Me, Jennifer Donaldson once again delivers a propulsive thriller with a masterful twist, skillfully creating a world where nothing is quite as it seems.

*** Note: I received e-copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to PRHGlobal for free copy. ***

I Know You Remember was suspenseful YA thriller that revolved around Ruthie and her lost best friend Zahra. It was about obsession, dysfunctional family, abusive parents and their addiction issues, friendship and jealousy.  

Writing was addictive, it pulled me into story right from the beginning. Setting was fabulous. The story had that sad, heavy darkness hanging over it all the time and Alaska’s cold weather, trails through wilds and stories of predator attacks heightened those feelings. I loved that dark fantasy characters wrote in the book. That fanfiction story, Starmaiden and Lyr characters and bits of the world was fascinating.

Book was first person narrative told from Ruth’s POV. Her voice was believable, it felt real, made me see all characters the way she wanted. It started with Ruth at her mother’s funeral who died in hiking accident. She decide to go back to her hometown, Anchorage, to her dad’s home. She left the town 3 years ago after her parents’ divorce because of her alcoholic father. But now he was sober, married, and only relative left. On arriving back, she tried to contact her best friend Zahra all through weekends but couldn’t even find her at her home. I kind of felt sorry for Ruth and then on Monday, school announced terrible new, Zahra was missing.

Things turned dark and uncertain soon and fast. Ruth felt so much change in Zahra’s room at her home and personality. The Zahra people were talking about was not the same she knew. It was scary to see a drastic change in girl going from kind and lively to aloof and caught up in teen drama. I was worried for Zahra. I kept thinking what might have happened to her to cause this change, what happened to her after party, where she went and who might have hurt her. I was worried for Ruth who not just lost her mother but her best friend.

Ruth was determined and fierce girl, obsessed to find Zahra. And so she friendship with Zahra’s friends and tried to get to know people she was connected with. Tabitha, Zahra’s now best friend, was never sober. She was this rich and bitch girl who mostly lived alone in big house. Ben, Zahra’s ex-boyfriend, was volatile, popular guy but not everybody liked him. They had big fight the night she disappeared. There was rumor Zahra was cheating and then there was her grandfather, a famous pastor who was misogynist. No single character was reliable and likable except Ingrid. She surprised me. She was brave, smart, caring, and protective step-sister of Ruth. Though I didn’t appreciate her blind belief, she was most likable person in the book.

There were many elements in story– PTSD, social anxiety, drug and alcohol addicted parents, their ill-treatments and its effects on kids’ mentality and psychology, exploitation of religion and using it to gain power and control. All the big serious topic that gave so much to discuss over. I blame parents here for the all wrong thing happened in the book.

Climax was most interesting. Once I got to know characters, I knew where this story was heading. I had my guesses and when I reached climax, bingo. I thought I would give it 4 star because I could figure it all out at some point, but then came most shocking twist. I read in some reviews saying it felt like author decided to change the end all of sudden but I feel it was a clever. I felt like why I even tried to guess who the real culprit was! I couldn’t have guessed that twist. End was satisfactory but still mind-boggling.

Overall, it was gripping, thrilling, page-turner with brilliant twist and amazing setting. I surely recommend this book.

Book Links: Goodreads | Amazon
Affiliate Link: Book Depository

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What do you think about the book and review? Have you read this book already or any book by the same author? Have you read YA thriller? Which one is favorite in this genre?


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#BookBlitz : Mercy by Stephen Bentley @StephenBentley8 @Shalini_G26

Hello readers! I’m please to share excerpt of Mercy by Stephen Bentley as a part of blitz tour, organized by Shalini @Digital Reads Blog Tours. Check out book details and snippet of this interesting thriller in this post.

Mercy (Detective Matt Deal Thrillers, #1) by Stephen Bentley
Expected publication: November 30th 2019
Genre: crime fiction (noir) / thriller / urban fiction with some graphic scenes and language.


His daughter was taken. He’ll never get her back.

Set in the near future, Matt Deal is a British businessman married into a wealthy Florida family.

Mercy, his fifteen-year-old daughter, is the glue in his rocky marriage to Lorey. His life is changed forever after Mercy is brutally sexually assaulted on a Destin beach leaving her in a persistent vegetative state.
Trusting the local detectives to bring the rapists to justice, mixed martial arts expert Deal concentrates in vain on his Florida gym business, only to have his world further explode on learning the men responsible for his daughter’s injuries may escape justice. Deal is isolated and at his wit’s end after his rich father-in-law sends death threats blaming him for all these ills.

Who can he turn to? Where can he go? What will he do? Who can he trust?
Will he return to a post-Brexit Britain or ultimately will he seek revenge?

Fans of Jack Reacher, Barry Eisler, and any vigilante justice novel will love this book.


As much as he tried to hide it, Deal felt nervous as he knocked on the door of Internal Affairs.

The voice resonated in his head. “Enter.”

It was the tone, the command, the authority in the voice that reminded him why he was nervous. One false word, one false move and I’m fired, he thought.

Reading the open file, Emily Breen looked up through heavy-rimmed glasses before speaking again. “We meet again, Detective Deal. Sit.”

Breen pointed to a regular-looking seat on the opposite side of the desk from her high-backed executive chair. She continued reading. Deal sat watching her in silence.

Peering over her glasses, Breen said, “Remind me. When was the first time we met?”

“I think you know. It’s all there in my file. Larry Etchwell, Coroner’s Court. I was still with the Human Trafficking Department.”

Breen was silent. She appeared to be deep in thought.

Her next words broke the silence. “The psych evaluation is all good. Says you are fit to remain on active duty.”

“Good. I knew that but it’s good to hear the experts say it too.” Deal emphasised experts. The sarcasm wasn’t missed by Breen.

“Deal. You know the score. Why do you make things difficult for yourself?”

Deal ignored caution. “I always do things the hard way. Haven’t you heard?”

Breen ignored him. “What is this thing with the stutter?”

“How do you mean?”

“You’ve seen the report. What you told the shrink.”

“Remind me. What did I say?”

“If you were a rattlesnake, the stutter would be your rattle.”

Deal smiled at the thought of that meeting with the shrink. “Yeah. That’s what I said. It’s a fact.”

“But why? Why a stutter?”

“I don’t fucking know why. Why does a rattlesnake have a rattle?”

“There you go again, Detective Deal.”


“Not helping yourself.”

“Are we done?”

“No. We are not. I have to tell you, one more loss of control. One more death, self-defence or not, you are finished. Do you hear me?”

“I hear you.”

“Good. Is there anything else you wish to say?”

“Can I ask a question?”

“You may.”

“Why does a bird fly?”

“What do you mean?”

“Asking me why I stutter if threatened is like asking a bird why it flies. Why an elephant has big ears. It’s just so. And one other thing – ask these guys what they were going to do to me.”

“I can’t. You killed them.”

“Too right. Before they killed me.” 


AmazonUK | AmazonUS | Goodreads

Author Bio:

Stephen Bentley is a former UK Detective Sergeant, barrister, and author of a bestselling undercover cop memoir. He also writes crime fiction.

AUTHOR CONTACT DETAILS: Bookbub | HuffPost UK Blogger | Website | Books2Read | Amazon Author page | All Author

Twitter @StephenBentley8
Instagram @author_stephen_bentley
AI Sheets for trade booksellers may be found here at hendrypublishing.com

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