The Trip by Rohit Bandri

the trip

Published: September 5th 2016 by The Write Place

Read Date: August 17th 2017

Stars: 4/5

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The Trip is Travel Fiction and Debut novel by Rohit Bandri.

Blurb (in my words)-

Ravi, Gaurav, Siddharth, and Akash – friends living in different states plan a trip to Ratnagiri and Goa on a phone call. They decide to meet their friend Siddharth, who has returned from US for a vacation, at his hometown, Ratnagiri and then leave for Goa to celebrate New Year eve. But life has different plans.

On arriving Ratnagiri, Ravi gets surprises. He finds out something is bothering Akash, Gaurav brings her friend Pooja to the trip and has not informed anyone about her before. Another big surprise his college crush Prajakata is also joining the trip, who is now married. All friends are hiding something. And on meeting Prajakata Ravi’s unrequited love gets hope again.

How this trip going to end? How is it going to change everyone’s life? Will Ravi’s and his friends’ complex life find a way to make it simple in this trip? Continue reading

Colorful Notions (The Roadtrippers 1.0) by Mohit Goyal


Published: 17th Nov 2016 by Srishti Publishers & Distributors

My Rating: 4/5 stars

3 friends, 3 Months, 25 places across India, 10 thousand kilometers road trip! What do think about this adventurous journey? Amazing? Impossible? Crazy? Well, you can know only by reading the book.

Colorful Notions first book of the Roadtrippers series set in India, narrated by protagonist Ab. The story in Featuring 3 youngster- Abhay aka Ab, Sashank aka Shasha, and Unnati.

Ab- Rich, independent, planner of the trip, who wants have road tripping experience and film travel documentary with his BFF Shasha.

Shasha- Connoisseur of food, who is on this trip because of food.

Unnati- RJ, girlfriend of Shasha, who is on trip because she is the voice of Ab’s documentary film and wants to spend time with Shasha.

Journey starts from Delhi with their well-prepared itinerary and lots of adventures on the way – Safari in Corbett, dip in river Ganges, extreme temperature of Ladakh, fearful nights at Bhangarh Fort, heritage and beauty of Rajasthan, beach parties in Goa, and lot more. The story is about, how their journey is going to be, how it will affect their relations with each other, and what happens at the end of the journey.

My view:

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