Saturday Short Story Review: Love, Life & Dreams: A cocktail of five short stories by Rebekah

Saturday Short Story Review

Hello everyone! Today’s short story is collection of five Chick Lit stories – Love, Life & Dreams: A cocktail of five short stories by Rebekah Louise.

Love, Life & Dreams - Rebekah Louise

Published: May 24th 2017

Read Date: July  22 2017

Stars: 4/5

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Blurb (in my words)-

Love, Life & Dreams- collection of 5 stories.

Alice elder sister of Emma helping her to get over her recently broken marriage and motivating her to live a life once again.

Tom a rich businessman regretting what he did 10 years ago with Julie.

Emma and Louis sweet couple live their dream of vising Venice.

James a radio DJ, care free about women care freely blurt out his actual thoughts about a woman he spent a night on air.

Ania, a cleaner at 5 star hotel was not happy with her work, struggling in life, envied rich people who come to stay at hotel. When a princess comes to hotel she changes Ania’s perception.

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Running Beyond Empty by Ben Kruser

running beyond empty1.jpg

Published: November 10th 2016 by Petra Books

Read Date: May 16th 2017

Stars: 5/5

This is book very motivating and inspiring for young women.

Blurb (in my words)

The story is about struggling mother and daughter- Dinah and Selah. Dinah is fitness person who likes to run that helps her in believing in herself, while her daughter Selah is intelligent and sassy high school girl. Because of the Dinah’s husband, Dinah lost her job and Selah has to leave private high school and has move to Storm king village with her mother. Even with all problems in life, they live by their principles. But, it’s not easy in the world full of haughty immoral people. During this struggling period they meet new friends Bill and Norm and some mysterious persons, Johnny Pancakes and Blackie, who help them in getting over their life.

How the journey of life will be for these mother and daughter? What difficulties are still waiting for them in life? How things will turn out at the end?

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