#BookReview : Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life? by Kristen Bailey

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Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life? by Kristen Bailey
Publication Date: February 14th 2020
Publisher: Bookouture
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Stars: ★★★★★ [4.5]

It’s normal for your washing machine to get more action than you, right?

I wake up, bleary-eyed.

It’s been two years, six months and three hours since I last shaved my legs, and the llama-patterned knickers I’m wearing have seen better days.

We have seven minutes before the kids wake up, and my husband shuffles closer. ‘Ouch,’ he says, a piece of Lego sticking into his back.

Then, a light comes on in the landing. Small footsteps creep down the stairs. A little voice screams, ‘IS SOMEONE COMING TO MAKE BREAKFAST?!’

All hopes of having some ‘alone time’ is replaced with wondering if we’ve run out of Cheerios, thinking about the overflowing laundry, and remembering that I forgot to take out the recycling. Again.

Just a typical Monday morning for the Morton family…

Except today, when I go downstairs in my dressing gown, I find something. Something belonging to my husband. Something that definitely wasn’t mentioned in the wedding vows. And it’s either going to make us… or break us.

An utterly hilarious and unmissable novel for anyone who has ever felt like they spend more time washing the dishes than getting lucky. Fans of Why Mummy Drinks and The Unmumsy Mum, and rom-coms by Sophie Ranald and Sophie Kinsella, will ugly laugh at this gloriously funny and relatable read.

*** Note: I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to NetGalley and publisher. ***

Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life was quirky Women’s fiction that revolved around Meg and Danny’s married sex life and lot of sex related things but definitely not erotica or a pure romance. It was about uncertainty and questions related to sex life after marriage and kids, rekindling sex life, professional unhappiness, and honest portrayal of sex and how it’s different for everybody.

Now I’m really scratching my head how I should say and how much I should say. There was lot of things in this book. At first I thought it might be a chick-lit or about betrayal or rekindling love but it was much more than that.

It started with Meg receiving a shock in the morning when something arrived in the post that belonged to her husband that changed her life and views. What was it and if her doubt was right or not, was revealed pretty quickly, within first 30% of the book. I’m pretty sure you cannot figure out what was in the box and what was the truth behind it or what Meg will do about it and what happens in the end.There was hilarity in every single chapter. This book defines what laugh-out-loud is, from the very beginning.

Writing was fabulous, gripping and so lovely with varied characters, couples and gossips. Setting of Kendal, Lake District in northern part of the UK made it more entertaining with its close-knit community where everybody knows everybody’s business. I loved characters, family dynamics and even school moms. I rooted for Meg and Danny pretty quickly. I loved Meg more and her voice had a charm that made me to stick with her story and thoughts throughout the book.

Meg was amazing partner and mom. Her sacrifices and love for her family were great to read. When she did her research and found about many other things that might question if she even know her husband, I really felt sad for her. No wife deserves that but oh my, that scene later in bedroom and hospital made me forget all that. Her reaction to the truth was so natural and real. I could feel her insecurity, self-doubt and vacillation. It was not easy for her to clear her mind and see it from Danny’s perspective and when she heard opinions of her sister, best friend and cleared the fog with Danny, she was back to herself. She found a new knowledge and new spark.

Danny was such a nice and well written character. I had my doubts like Meg, but he turned out really amazing. He was a great father, son, brother and husband, I get what he did and why and still I feel he shouldn’t keep it secret and for that I was holding back my likeness. I like how he explained things, his hobby and all the things he did. He didn’t voice it earlier out loud but one can see and feel unhappiness in his professional life. His worry, anxiousness, and love was realistic. I had trouble understanding at first but I loved what he decided at the end and I agreed with Meg.

Stu, Danny’s brother was not easy to like but he surprised me at the end. And I have to say he took the entertainment to upper level. School moms and their gossips was hilarious. Some were friends while some were always at each other’s neck, bitching about other moms and that cat fight in the end was so funny. It all says a lot about how people let out their suppressed feelings and unhappiness on other, finding fault in other person and their life.

I loved Danny and Meg’s girls. They were charming. I can see my girl turn out like Eve! 😅 Emotions and feelings of the characters were well written. Even serious and sad moments were given the touch of humor.

There was lot of sex talk so if you are prim and prudish, just be prepared. You will see lot of sex trinkets, different sex life of different couple, threesome, toesome, wild and adventurous, hook ups… and many sex terminology and synonyms of body parts. To be honest it was all so informative.

I loved the message in the book. It say a lot about people’s mentality towards erotica and art related to it, how people jump to assumptions and think the worst about the person behind any sex related act. It told what love is, what sex is and how it can be different for everybody. It showed a difference between sexual exploration and perverseness.

Climax was uncertain. I was not sure what they will do about this Danny’s secret. I guessed it a little and I was only 20% right about it but anyway it was good to see how they all solved their problems and doubts.

Why 4.5-

I have to say I had little difficulty in understanding some terms and British phrases that slowed the pace, as I was doing lot of googling. Of course it wasn’t difficult to get the idea.

Overall, it was hilarious, entertaining, and enjoyable women’s fiction with a unique and quirky topic. I recommend to all readers of this genre.

Book Links: Goodreads
Affiliate Links: Book Depository | Amazon.in | Amazon.com

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What do you think about the book?
Have you read this books or any book by the same author?
Are you going to add it to TBR?
Have you read a book which has lot of sex talk? Are you prudish to read such books or open-minded?


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#BookReview : The Neighbours by Nicola Gill

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The Neighbours by Nicola Gill
Publication Date: February 6th 2020
Publisher: Avon Books UK
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Pages: 400
Stars: ★★★★☆

Meet Ginny, 34, and Cassie, 55. Neighbours, and (very) unlikely friends.

Some women have it all. Others are thirty-four, renting a tiny flat alone because they recently found their long-term boyfriend in bed with their boss. Unfortunately, the latter applies to Ginny Taylor. Single and jobless, Ginny is certain her life can’t get any worse. But then she encounters her downstairs neighbour for the very first time…
Cassie Frost is a woman who had it all – she was a once-loved actress, but a recent stint on reality TV has rocketed her to online infamy. She’s suddenly become a national hate figure – and she desperately needs a new publicist. And Ginny is a publicist who desperately needs a job… but can she be persuaded to work for the uber-difficult, excessively prickly woman that lives below her floorboards?

Because sometimes – just sometimes – bad neighbours become good friends… 

*** Note: I received e-copy this book via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to Publisher and NetGalley. ***

The Neighbours was a women’s fiction that revolved around Ginny and her neighbor Cassie. It was about friendship, fighting depression, relationship, getting over fear, and working to achieve dream.

Writing was good. I liked the way author represented Ginny’s mediocre life and Cassie’ defamed life with realistic tone that had balance of seriousness and wit. Story was told from Ginny’s perspective.

Book started with 34-yr-old Ginny talking about her simple life whose fertility clock was ticking at rapid rate. She was holding onto her boyfriend to fulfil her simple life by marrying and producing babies with her. But that went to downhill when she found him having pleasure with her boss at her own flat. You can guess where this is going. Jobless, boyfriend-less, wallowing in sadness and self-pity was not exactly a picture she imagined. At the same time her neighbor, Cassie was turning into national hate figure after a reality show. She needed publicist who can help improve her reputation and Ginny desperately needed a job.

Now Ginny lacked confidence and she was not sure she could handle Cassie’s bad reputation and a prickly nature while Cassie no matter what people says never lacked confidence and her power of persuasion was irresistible.

The story was about two totally opposite in nature and in life style neighbours forming strong friendship, helping each other in all kind of situation, uplifting other from depression, giving an honest opinions, and developing over the time.

This was character driven story and relationships between characters and their life was most important part of the story. When I read synopsis, I knew I’m going to have wonderful female friendship and I wasn’t disappointed there. I expected this book to be fun and light-hearted but it was much more than just friendship and fun moments, there was darkness, sadness and depression

Ginny was timid, squeamish, and a pushover but at the same time she was nice at heart, helped her family and friends. She definitely deserved better than non-committing, competitive, and self-centered Jack. I really felt for her in the beginning but then she was wallowing and whining too much. I had really difficult time to warm with her but when she actually started helping Cassie when she was going through depression, I liked her a little more. But then she had to make that stupidest decision.  I wasn’t happy with it. Then again she became such wonderful neighbor, I started liking her back. You see my like and dislike for her was really bumpy ride.

I can see why she was taking one after another disastrous decisions but how could she not see the relationship she was giving a chance won’t last long and what that guy was doing to her. Can a person really be blind in obsession of family and child? I know the answer and we have read thrillers who have given us horrible layout on that. Another point was she never voiced her thoughts and took decision based on what she assumed. I mean you are already hurting somebody what harm would come if you can just say what you’re thinking! It was just so hard to warm to her.

Anyway, I loved her development (that definitely could come earlier) and what she did for Cassie. I admired when she worked to achieve her dream and her amazing decision (one and only) when she got over her fears in climax.

Now even though Ginny was near my age and Cassie much older (55), I connected with her and I liked her from the very beginning. I could see she was bitchy, temperamental and difficult woman but she was honest, brave, bold, and spoke her mind. Yep, total badass. The way people treating her making her national hate figure, it was really horrible. Oh hell, some even said she should have died! I don’t understand why and she was taking it all with such brave face, rode the hate wave like diva. But of course she was human and it affected her. I loved the way she fought her depression, gave her loved ones a chance, and developed by the end of the book. No doubt she was my favorite character.

Some side characters were good while some were shockingly horrible. My second favorite character was Nick. He was such a gentleman and lovely guy.

What I liked most was the message conveyed here through Cassie and Ginny’s story. Depression can come to any one at any time, some face it during their downtime while some can face their worst time and see depression coming much later. There are so many ways to treat depression but it’s different for every person. What works for one person might not work for another. Depressed person should not be left alone they need love, care and companionship no matter how much they denies. Another message was never stop chasing your dream. It’s always hard but there’s always a way or an alternative. You cannot just depend on others to get what you want. And the most common one- talk about your problem with concerning person, don’t just assume things and take decision that you might regret later.

There were few twists and turning points in the book that kept me hooked to story. I really dreaded a heartbreak or even worst but thank fully the end wasn’t bittersweet. It was chocolicious sweet.

Why 4 stars-

Ginny was really frustrating most of the time. I wanted to shake her so hard. As I said it was just so hard to warm to her.

The thing is I loved Cassie I wanted few chapters from her perspective. We are told she was bitchy and did things on reality show that had turned her into hate figure. It was not in detail what exactly happened or what she said, how she felt/so suddenly felt depressed. I wanted to give that middle portion which was so focused on Ginny’s stupid decision to Cassie.

Overall, it was great read with strong message and friendship that all women’s fiction readers would love to read.

Book Links: Gooreads
Affiliate Link: Amazon.com | Amazon.in | Book Depository

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What do you think about the book?
Have you read this books?
Which is your favorite book with strong female friendship?


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#BlogTour #Spotlight:B&Bers Behaving Madly at a Devon Seaside Guesthouse by Sharley Scott @SharleyScott @rararesources

Hello Readers! I’m glad to shine spotlight on newly released women’s fiction by Sharley Scott, B&Bers Behaving Madly at a Devon Seaside Guesthouse, as part of blog tour which is organized by Rachel’s Random Resources. Check out more about this new addition in series in this post.

B&Bers Behaving Madly at a Devon Seaside Guesthouse by Sharley Scott
2nd Book in a series
Publication Date: January 2020
Genre: Humour / Women’s Fiction


Running a guesthouse is never plain sailing, as Katie can testify. Eccentric or challenging guests are the usual order of the day. But when a sinister man moves in across the road, the first ripples of unease appear.

Katie has learned the hard way that a seaside idyll is never what it seems. She and Jason have worked hard at their marriage, but now she has other issues to tackle.

While her new cleaner has proved to be a godsend, she comes with a complicated love life. Then there’s Katie and Jason’s daughters, Emily and Lucy, whose boomerang visits definitely have an ulterior motive.

And what about the threatening man opposite who has taken an intense dislike to Shona, the madcap owner of the adjoining B&B. Shona’s life has always been chaotic, but now it’s verging on disaster.

As the season moves on and guests come and go, Katie fears her daughters have been keeping secrets of their own, while Shona’s troubles come to a head.

When the B&Bers are behaving madly, anything can happen. Can Katie weather the storm?

Purchase Links:

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Behaving-Madly-Devon-Seaside-Guesthouse-ebook/dp/B081VV5M3C

US –  https://www.amazon.com/Behaving-Madly-Devon-Seaside-Guesthouse-ebook/dp/B081VV5M3C

Author Bio:

While ‘Bedlam & Breakfast at a Devon Seaside Guesthouse’ is fictional, I am a guesthouse owner. Thankfully, we have been blessed with lots of amazing and kind-hearted guests, who are nothing like some of the characters featured in this novel and the subsequent books currently being written in the series. I would be a lot greyer if they were.

Likewise, Jason is quite different to my husband, who I sometimes nickname Victor Meldrew. He is lovely though and has a fab sense of humour, although some of his dryness has rubbed off on Jason.

Bedlam & Breakfast is set in South Devon, in the fictional town of Torringham, which is loosely based on Brixham. If you’ve been to Brixham you may recognise some of the local features, including the seals, fishing industry and the fantastic lifeboat crew, but the businesses, people and a number of settings are fictionalised.

The same applies to the B&B owners featured. Many guesthouse owners undertake work when they move into a property and our current B&B was not an exception. While our previous owners were nothing like Jim and Maureen, this also means we don’t get to live next door to the fabulous Shona and Kim. But we do have many lovely B&B friends. B&Bers are a wonderful and hardworking bunch, although the ones we know have a penchant for parties in the low season. That’s why I had to end Bedlam & Breakfast at a party.

I hope you enjoy Bedlam & Breakfast. It’s the fourth novel I’ve written, although the first in this genre. A second book in this series is being published in January 2020. B&Bers Behaving Madly can also be read as a standalone. It’s great journeying with Katie and Jason as they enter their second year at the B&B, especially now that Katie is better equipped to deal with Shona. Or, so she thinks.

Social Media Links: Twitter | Facebook

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What do you think about the book?
Have you read this book already or previous book in series?
Are you going to add it to TBR?


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#BlogTour #bookpromo : The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen by Cass Grafton and Ada Bright @CassGrafton @missyadabright @rararesources

Hello readers! I’m happy to share a book promo The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen by Cass Grafton and Ada Bright as part of blog tour, organized by Rachel’s Random Resources. Check out more about this women’s fiction in this post.

The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen by Cass Grafton and Ada Bright
Publication Date:  12th September 2019
Standalone First book in a series of three
Publisher: Canelo Escape
Genre: Time travel romance / women’s fiction


When a time travelling Jane Austen gets stuck in modern-day Bath it’s up to avid Janeite Rose Wallace to save her… because she’s the only one who knows that Jane exists!

Rose Wallace’s world revolves around all things Austen, and with the annual festival in Bath – and the arrival of dishy archaeologist, Dr Aiden Trevellyan – just around the corner, all is well with the world…

But then a mysterious woman who bears more than a passing resemblance to the great author moves in upstairs, and things take a disastrous turn. Rose’s new neighbour is Jane Austen, whose time travel adventure has been sabotaged by a mischievous dog, trapping her in the twenty-first century.

Rose’s life is instantly changed – new home, new job, new friends – but she’s the only one who seems to have noticed! To right the world around her, she will have to do whatever it takes to help Jane get back home to write Rose’s beloved novels. Because a world without Mr Darcy? It’s not worth living in!

Purchase Links:

Amazon UK | Amazon.com | Barnes & Noble (and Nook) | Kobo

Author Bios:

Cass Grafton

A proud bookworm since childhood, Cass writes the sort of stories she loves to read – heart-warming, character driven and strong on location. Having moved around extensively and lived in three countries, she finds places inspiring and the setting of her novels often becomes as much a part of the story as her characters.

She has an over-active imagination, is prone to crying with happiness as much as she is at sadness, but when it comes to her writing she leans heavily towards the upbeat and insists on a happy ever after. As one of her favourite authors, Jane Austen, once wrote, ‘let other pens dwell on guilt and misery’.

Cass loves travelling, words, cats and wine, and enjoys them in any combination. She currently splits her time between Switzerland, where she lives with her husband, and England, where she lives with her characters.

Ada Bright

Ada has lived all her life in Southern California, which makes her intolerant to any weather above or below 72 degrees Fahrenheit. She grew up much more fond of reading than sports or socializing and still tends to ignore everyone she loves, all her responsibilities and basic life needs when she’s in the middle of a book.

She is luckily married to a handsome and funny man who doesn’t mind that the laundry never gets put away and she has three amazing children. Ada spent over a decade as a photographer before dedicating herself to writing, though she still believes that life should be documented well and often.

There is nothing she loves more than a good, subtle love story whether it be in real life, tv, movie, theatre or book form… well, except cake. She also really loves cake.

Social Media Links –

Our Blog:  www.tabbycow.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missyadabright


Twitter: @CassGrafton @missyadabright

Instagram: @cassgraftonauthor @adacakes

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What do you think about the book?
Have you read this book already?
Are you going to add it to TBR?


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#Spotlight #BookPromo : Little Eden by KT King @KTKINGbooks

Hello Readers! Today I’m happy to shine spotlight Little Eden by KT King. Check out a bit about this interesting magical book in this post.

Little Eden by KT King
Publication Date: October 30th 2018
Genre: cross-genre covering fantasy, mystery, suspense, historical, women’s fiction and contemporary


2012. Little Eden, London, England.

In the heart of the city lies the beautiful sanctuary of Little Eden. In the time of King Alfred, this sacred site was surrounded by stone walls and within their protection has grown a tranquil town of historic buildings, parks and gardens, and tree-lined streets.

But, Little Eden and the last 1,000 years of community, compassion and refuge are under threat. Human greed, selfishness and disregard are about to turn everything Little Eden stands for to dust.

Robert Bartlett-Hart must make a choice.

With the help of his friends – plus plenty of tea and cake – Robert learns that there is more at stake than just Little Eden. Something lies at the heart of the Abbey; something that stands between the future of mankind and Armageddon.

Robert sets out on a journey of self-discovery, through past lives, other dimensions, and even through Heaven itself, but where do his loyalties lie?

Will Little Eden survive to usher in a new age or will humanity perish with it?

Bit about the book:

Readers are falling in love with this utopian and rather quirky little village in the heart of London because it’s the kind of place where people care about each other and fight for what’s right and good.

As well as being a cosy read with afternoon tea served all day in the Daisy Place Café-Bookshop it’s also full of cliff hangers, thrills and flashes of the supernatural. A magical rollercoaster of a book – Little Eden doesn’t fit into one genre but mixes historical, cosy crime, women’s lit, supernatural, magical realism, romance, thriller and comedy all together (there are even yummy recipes from the story for you to try).

Based on the psychic and enlightenment work of its author, KT King, this slightly supernatural novel mingles the paranormal with the normal everyday lives of those who see, feel and experience the spirit realms without thinking it strange.

Little Eden was published as an eBook in November 2018 and is now available in paperback.

Book two in the series is due out Easter 2020.

Purchase Links:

e-books – Kindle UK | Amazon.com | ibook | kobo | Googleplay

Paperbacks: Amazon.UK | Amazon US

Signed Copies
KT also makes handmade healing jewellery and gifts inspired by Little Eden and sells the crystals mentioned throughout the novel in her little Etsy Shop.

Author Bio:

Dear Readers, as you’ll be able to tell from reading Little Eden, I love afternoon tea, investigating all things spiritual and when I can I work as a complimentary therapist. I started out studying French and English Literature at University and then worked for The British Red Cross before my health forced me to give up work and I had to retrain to do something I could manage from home on a part-time basis.

When I had a massive relapse of the CFS aged forty, I was in bed for two years and began to write Little Eden in my head. It took me four years to type it up as I had long periods of not being able to function. But, I feel I’ve been writing in my head my whole life long! Due to the CFS a publishing deal would not really work for me as I can’t meet deadlines and my writing days are short and erratic. Self-publishing offers the challenge of how to promote my books because I don’t have the energy or the time for major marketing. It is thanks to wonderful, generous bloggers like Yesha that you are reading about me and Little Eden right now.

I hope to help raise awareness for ME/CFS through my writing. I have suffered with this little known but chronic illness for over 25 years. My heroine, Sophie Lawrence, represents all of us with this illness. I hope that she inspires others as well as helping raise awareness for the millions of people worldwide who are currently ignored by the medical profession and society. There are so many people now suffering with this debilitating illness that it has been suggested that it is becoming a humanitarian crisis. If you would like to learn more about ME/CFS just click here: https://www.meaction.net/

I also love crafting, up-cycling and a bit of shabby chic! I sell some of my handmade jewellery in my Little Eden Etsy shop where all the gifts inspired by Little Eden. I meditate daily and I eat way too much chocolate! I can’t read a lot these days but I chill out by watching TV adaptations of cosy crime novels.

Social media and all links: https://linktr.ee/ktkingbooks

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What do you think about the book? Have you read this book already? Are you going to add it to TBR? Share your thoughts in the comment-box below.


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